Questions for Orlando STR?

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    Recently purchased a duplex in Tampa to get my REI career started but the idea of STR around the Disney area has always intrigued me. Looking at the City of Orlando's rules regarding STR, have a few questions:

    • City of Orlando's website says most residential zoning districts don't allow for STR. They have stays of under 7 days as motel/hotel uses and are limited to non-residential zoning districts.
      • How do you get around this? Is this something that is not a big deal or are you just rolling the dice on getting caught?
    • Their website says you would have to apply as "Bed and Breakfast", which requires you to be an owner occupant.
    • Again, is this something that the city just isn't following up with?

I LOVE the idea of STR in Orlando but is this too much hassle to deal with?

Would appreciate responses!  Thanks!

We were just in the Orlando area today. There are a number of STR communities around the Disney area. We are looking to invest there. Orlando may have different regulations than Kissimmee or some of the other smaller towns around the area.

@Tim Kaminski Correct most of Orlando does not allow STR. It is not something you need to get around, because the communities around Disney are not in Orlando. The communities are in Davenport and Kissimmee, they are zoned for STR. It is no hassle at all, because it is the norm for the communities around Disney and lot's of them have professional management on site. Feel free to PM me if you have any additional questions.

@Erin Wysocki  Did not realize that Disney was not considered Orlando as that is what Disney advertises.

So Davenport and Kissimmee are the main communities that support Disney's STR? That changes things! Thank you

Disney is in Orlando, it is just at the Southwest corner of Orlando.  There are some communities near Disney that are in Orlando, but the majority are in Kissimmee, Celebration, Davenport, and Clermont.  Depending on your budget, you want to focus on the communities that are the closest to Disney.  Windsor Hills, Emerald Island, Encantada, Wyndham Palms, etc.  ChampionsGate is a little farther South does well also.

I’m in Florida this week and spend a couple days at Disney. We went on the Disney Vacation Club tour and are considering buying into it since we do go to Disney in CA or FL at least once a year.

However, I quickly started searching online for the option of buying a vacation rental property instead. How strong is the market? I’m surprised to see the low daily rates on Airbnb. Is it possible to make any profit with the condos in communities with onsite management services? How do those work?