How to Sync Airbnb & VRBO calendars

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how to sync Airbnb and VRBO and my own calendar so I can take real time bookings and not worry about double booking anyone? Thanks in advance for helping. 

I prefer Smartbnb. It does an awesome job of integrating everything and keeping all your listings synced up. Automated messaging and market reports too

@Kevin Kelsey that looks simple to use. Do you use it for more than one listing and how long have you been using it?

@Nancy Bachety , I've been using it with over 20 listings for 6 months now. Saves me so much time. Automated booking confirmations, check in messages. It automatically texts my cleaner and spa person when a new reservation is made and the day of a check in, and it includes how many guests and how many nights they are stay. Really awesome. Automates leaving reviews too.

@Kevin Kelsey It seems Smartbnb only supports Airbnb and I believe what Tina wants is the ability to sync the same property listing on Airbnb and VRBO etc. Am I missing something?

How to sync the Calendars between the two major platforms:

On AirBnB go to Calendar. Click advanced settings on the top right. Click export. Copy and past.

On VRBO, once the property you want has been selected click Calendar on the left or hover over it and select Reservations. Then click the button that has an up and down arrow. Select Import Calendar. Then Paste.

Then do the reverse.

VRBO Calendar on the left side then Reservations.
Click the Button that has an Up and Down arrow. Click Export. Copy and paste the URL.

Go back to AirBnB. Click Calendar. Click Advanced Settings. Click Import. Paste.

The process is basically the same with the little guys too like tripadvisor etc

I did all of that off the top of my head could be a bit off but I think I got it right.

Good Luck!

I used VRCalendarSync on my Wordpress site for a while. I thought it was the best thing I could find, even though it wasn't that great. However, I then found OwnerRez after doing extensive research. I tried Lodgify first, as it had more reviews and had been around longer. It didn't fit the bill.

OwnerRez is the way to go

@Kevin Kelsey I'm definitely interested in Smartbnb and have been reading through their website, etc. Do you think it is still as helpful for someone who gets most bookings through VRBO rather than Airbnb? Vrbo has the option for automated messages, etc. How does Smartbnb synch in with all that?

Thank you everyone!! You have been so helpful!

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