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I am about to start my STR journey with a 2/2 condo in Scottsdale, AZ. I plan to start with AirBnB but still assembling my team. Does anyone have any recommendations for cleaners and handymen in the East Valley? Do I need a business license to operate a STR? I plan to put in into an LLC. Love to connect with other also doing STR in Scottsdale/Phoenix area! Thanks

Greg Tomita

    Hi Greg, 

    Check with your local municipality to determine what is needed permit wise. We needed a permit and to be registered to remit room taxes (the name of the permit eludes me at the moment) and we also needed a health inspection and permit from the Health Department. I am in Wisconsin and working with 3 very different municipalities. 

    Hey @Greg Tomita , I haven't had any one-on-one experience with cleaners or handyman in the Greater Phoenix area, as of yet (I opertae a few STR dwellings in Europe and will be expanding to top vacation locations in 2018) but here's a simple search query listing more service providers than one could handle. It's a start.

    Replace the above query “cleaner” with “handyman” or anything else you need, and get more answers.

    Welcome to the real estate tribe, good luck with growing your business and let’s have lunch as soon as I touch down in AZ again (or block some time on my calendar (PM me for a link) to chat things over and exchange AirBnB “secrets” ;-)

    Cheers, Ken

    Ken Breeze

    @Greg Tomita .  Good luck with your new adventure.  Are you planning on using property management or trying to manage remotely? 

    We owned and operated 4 STR in Chandler for 7 years. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I can try to help.

    If you are using PM, then they will take care of the cleaning and maintenance, but they charge upwards of 25%.  If you plan on managing remotely, you may have a whole host of issues that may not have been considered, for example if a blender breaks how do you handle that situation.

    Best success!


    Originally posted by @Shiloh Lundahl :

    @Greg Tomita If you want to know of a local expert in the short term rental game in Arizona, you may want to reach out to @Ben Leybovich. He lives in Chandler, Arizona right now. He has a STR that he rents out on AirBnB and he does a great job with it. He also wrote a book about it.

     Not sure I am an expert, but I did just offer $7.5 MM on an apartment community requiring a $2.5 MM value add. For my partner's sake I hope I know something, though I wonder at times...

    haha How've you been Shiloh. Is it time for a lunch yet?

    @Shiloh Lundahl Thanks for the referral to @Ben Leybovich .

    Ben, nice to meet you, I enjoyed your podcast a lot. Do you have any STR in the Scottsdale area or know of any reliable cleaners or handyman referrals you can share?

    @Wendy Schultz Appreciate the input, I've been doing some online research with the city of Phx so hopefully I'll get it right.

    @Ken Breeze Great search, I did the google and craigslist route too.  I didn't know about duckduckgo! Thanks

    @Stone Jin I plan to self manage for the first year to learn as much as possible and figure out how to best automate but as I add additional units, I may outsource portions.  I appreciate your offer, I will be taking you up on it for sure!

    @Jon Crosby Thanks for the heads-up Jon.  I'll reach out to Michael to see if he may have any ideas for me

    @Ben Leybovich  I would love to be a fly on the wall for any of those lunches anytime!

    Thanks again to the BP community for the input

    Greg Tomita

      Hi Greg and thanks for the plug @Jon Crosby .  I do have properties in Scottsdale Greg so PM me and we can connect about resources.


      Hey guys I own and operate book my vacay vacation rentals - we manage 150 homes and condos in the Phoenix Metro area. Let me know if theres anything I can help with. We know the local short term market better than anybody else.

      Hi @Michael Greenberg I would love to connect.  I have a connection request pending.  Looking forward to chatting. Thanks!

      Greg Tomita

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