Outsourcing Guest Communication

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Anyone out there have good success outsourcing guest communication completely or for "shifts" of time? Or been unsuccessful with lessons learned?  

A couple caveats - I'm not talking about anything beyond guest communication - we have our own software and manage the listings, calendars, pricing, etc. (i.e., so I'm not interested in services like Evolve or Guesty). I also use autoresponders for standard messages like booking confirmation, check-in instructions, check-out reminder. I'm thinking of looking into VA, but more likely hiring someone on a part time basis. Since this is essentially 100% "on-call" and inquiries or messages could come in at any time, how have others structured payment to someone for these activities?

We've grown to about 15 listings so far and I've been handling all of the guest communication myself. It's no longer sustainable or a good use of my time while trying to grow other aspects of our business.

Thoughts or experiences welcome! Thanks!

congrats on 15 listings.. I have 10 longterm rentals and probably get one phone call a month.  Can you tell me how man interaction you have on a monthly with 15 listing.  Thanks in advance

@Selena Walsh It sounds like you might have answered your own question: a VA could work in your situation, given all you need one for is on off-hours. If you use software the VA could work with, you might even find you'd rely on it more and more. But I don't have more to offer other than nice working in expanding your business!

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