Can videos be posted on AirBNB and VRBO

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Hello all,

We currently use Evolve Vacation rentals and they do not have the ability to load drone videos or any other video for that matter on their website.  Does anyone know if you can load a video onto AirBNB, Homeaway or VRBO?  We own 2 vacation rentals in a resort called Ocean Villagewhich is located on a barrier island called Hutchinson Island which is on the East Coast of Florida. We would like to display the resort like feel of Ocean Village to prospect vacationers.  We also plan to use the video on our different social media sites to market to the "staycationers" that reside within a 2 hour drive. 

Any advice is appreciated!

Many thanks!

There is a place to have a link to a video on VRBO/HomeAway, it is under the Video tab. I believe it has to be checked by them and they have to approve it. My guess is that they want to make sure you are not asking people to book direct.


@Joe Garvin   We are in the middle of this now.  It's never as easy as you would hope.  So you can do it through VRBO but they want zero references to any other platform.  We had a title overlay that mentioned our Instagram account and they denied it.  So I'm going to strip that out and resubmit to them.  Supposedly properties that have videos get better search placement.  They will take 1-2 days before they will approve/deny.

You cannot use videos at all on Airbnb (unless I'm wrong) and you can't use a URL to direct them to YouTube, etc.  So it really sucks -- I'm eager to hear if someone has a work around for this.

Best of luck

VRBO lets you link to a single video hosted on youtube or something similar. ABB does not -- not that I've noticed anyway.  What I did was create a Facebook page for my property and put videos there, then link to Facebook from my ABB and VRBO listings. However, it's hard to do this on ABB as they actively filter URL's in the descriptions. I superimposed my Facebook URL on a picture to avoid their filters. But even then, I had to use a funny script font. When I used standard font, their system still spotted it and blocked the photo.

You need to be careful not not appear to be driving traffic from their platform to a competing one or you could get shutdown. Personally, I just want to be able to create a buzz around my FB page and retain access to old guests (when they Like my page), I'm not trying to avoid their listing fees.

I am looking forward to hearing what other hosts do to promote videos.

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Another idea is that ABB will accept a GIF image, which is not really a video, but it can be a short movement.  From my understanding this has increased bookings for some hosts. 

@Tim Schroeder this is a good idea, but as you stated, tread lightly so as to not create an issue with ABB.  

On both VRBO and Airbnb we are able to clearly say in our listing "Follow us on Instagram @insertyournamehere" without them blocking it.  And from there we use that platform to launch further content, etc.

Originally posted by @Mark S. :

On both VRBO and Airbnb we are able to clearly say in our listing "Follow us on Instagram @insertyournamehere" without them blocking it.  And from there we use that platform to launch further content, etc.


@Mark S. hahaha it'll be our secret :)  I admit I haven't gotten into outside marketing of my properties via social media yet, but it's something I do want to do - just haven't had the time yet!

That's interesting, but most guests are not going to have Instagram accounts. And you can bet that if that changes, ABB will start blocking the links.

ABB blocks ANYTHING reminiscent of Facebook. Even "fb" gets blocked.

Earlier I posted a picture showing how I'd managed to add my Facebook URL to a photo and bypass AirBNB's filters by using a script font, but BP removed it saying it was self-promotion. That wasn't my intention -- nobody comes to BP to find a vacation rental, they come to learn how to make money on them. Whatever. Here is the pic again, this time with my URL blanked out.

@Tim Schroeder   I agree with you Tim.  I thought your first post was fine.  Oh well.  We were finally able to get our video past the screeners at VRBO and it is now in our listing.  Unfortunately it is only shown in the photo carousel on the listing and -- for some reason -- in the 3rd position of the carousel.  There doesn't seem to be a way to change that.  Very limiting.  But at least VRBO provides some way to do Video.  Airbnb doesn't.

Oh and we were also able to finally find a way to post that same video from YouTube on Instagram.  No one seems to want to make this easy!

Let me know if anyone has any questions, I'm sure I can save you some headache.

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