One Rooftop Website Builder and PMS

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@John Erickson I can give feedback on why I didn't use them.

You don't own the website - if one rooftop closes up shop your website goes with it. Also, if something new comes out in terms of software which is 100x better than one rooftop you have to start from scratch because they own everything and you are technically leasing both the software and the website.

I chose to have my website built independently and then integrate with any software of my choosing that has an open API connection. If I don't like the software I can cut ties and still have my website intact... 

I was in your shoes not too long ago but ultimately came down to choosing to lease a website or own it...I chose to own.

Thanks for the info Richard!  I'm going to look into building my website independently.  Out of curiosity, do you currently use an PMS software?  If so, are you happy with it?  

We use MYVR

Website builder, booking and calendar sync between VRBO,HOMEAWAY,FLIPKEY,TRIPADVISOR and will also do AiBnB but we do not use AirBnB

Many of our neighbors here on Manasota Key do not do calendar sync and are always double booking. not good for reviews