Orbirental - thoughts?

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Hi Everyone, 

Has anyone here had experience with Orbirental? I'm in between them and Hostaway. It's really hard to know how well the system runs until you are a few months in so would be great to get some feedback from the existing  users. Thank you!

I manage 5 vacation rentals remotely using my cell phone and it takes about 5 minutes per day. And I have a day job. Unless you have 200 of them why risk someone else screwing up your business.

I was not asking how many properties you manage or about your day job. I wanted feedback on Orbirental - thanks. 

Forgive me I assumed it was a PM like evolve. I use the AirBnB app and the Homeaway app and it takes a couple of minutes per day not sure I’d be interested in making it any easier than it already is.

So.... again. I have no answers to your question and shouldn’t have replied in the first place

I was in the same dilemma: Orbirental vs. HostAway.  I ultimately decided to throw down the $ and try HostAway because I never got a personal response from Orbirental regarding a few questions I had.  My chat messages to them are still unread (1.5 weeks after posting).

I am about halfway finished with onboarding at HostAway and have had several hiccups, but I think it will work out in the end; their customer support seems to be on top of it.

Follow up on this thread to help others.  Just cancelled Hostfully / Orbirental after 30 days and requesting refund.  

From my assessment, they really do not have domain expertise- i.e. they don't know what it's like to manage STR's so the software reflects it. On-boarding is difficult, but that is to be expected with any software.

Many problems too include,

1.  Email automation errors- 30% of scheduled messages did not go out.

2.   Severe challenges with their interconnectivity with AirBnb and Wheelhouse API's.  

      - lack / loss of functionality- i.e. no dynamic stays, no set long term stays settings showing in AirBnb

      - severe data errors- i.e. numbers not adding up and showing up in the wrong place.  

3.  Reporting was a joke and did not accurately pull in revenue, fees, etc...

4.  Customer Service was non-existent.

If anyone has a recommendation for a simple email / messenger automation service for AirBnb, I'd appreciate it.  


Go with the Reverend @Lucas Carl method.  He's been known to manage his STRs from an iPhone on his yacht whilst sailing the carribbean doing oyster shooters with the fun half of Motley Crue.

Or use my method.  Just a piece of posterboard turned into a calendar, each line is an address.  Each column is a date.  I stick post it notes on the grid.

Orbirental  had originally been my second choice.  When hostfully  bought them,  the rumor is that they just stopped supporting orbirental.

I use ownerreservations. Was recommended by many on another forum. 

There is also guesty and others. You can find reviews on capterra.Com

I think Orbirental is still well and functioning under Hostfully umbrella. I used them, hated the service and lack of the customer service and dropped them. Now use Guesty- not ideal but good enough. 

@James Michael Few Just read your story actually- I can so relate! They sucked. Gazillion of glitches and NO customer service. I brought it up to Stephan and his response was - “we are a start up and we take time to enjoy our weekends too”. (Took 4 days to respond to something needing immediate attention). I still get mad just thinking about it! 

Hi @Julia Bykhovskaia   

Thanks much!  I may look into SmartBnb.  I run most of the PMS/CRM with Google Sheets and a bit of SQL, and I'm still happy with Wheelhouse after some growing pains.  I just want to automate routine AirBnb message traffic so I can limit the amount of time that I'm on my phone during the day while still keep customers happy (VRBO / Homeaway don't seem to need instant responses in my area).  

And, your comments about Hostfully sound about par for the course- startup entitlement mentality / tone deafness with no solid business model, no path to profitability, and just hoping to get bought or go public.  Unfortunately, they're a dime a dozen, and it's rather boring / tiresome.


     We are still working through a Hostfully integration, as they are one of the few PMPs that support Wheelhouse.  The process has been less then smooth or ideal in many ways, but we soldier on given I can't find another way to get Wheelhouse rates into Airbnb, VRBO, and our own website.  I think I've got most of the oddities sorted, if anyone else is going to move forward with the same integration feel free to reach out I can give you the short version and help take a lot of the time and uncertainty out of the process.

     I will say the new Hostfully folks are way more professional and committed then the previous Orbirental owner.