San Jose, Ca Airbnb management company

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Hi Sharon Hsu, is airbnb easy to manage? It depends. A couple things I would consider are: location, type (size) of airbnb and how involved or not involved you want to be.

I  do airbnb at my own house, I live in the upper level and rent the basement level. To me, that is easy to manage, I don't have to make trips some where else to do a turn over. I can accept last minute reservations and have the suite ready in less than an hour for the next guests. 

Type of airbnb - consider that if your airbnb has a full kitchen, more than one bedroom, it will take more time to clean, you will need more items to furnish, etc. Of course you might be able to charge more if the place is bigger. But I have found that in my market I can still charge almost the same as a place that has a full kitchen and is less work for me to keep it and clean it.

How involved do you want to be? Airbnb  platform is pretty simple and easy to use. I save predetermined responses and messages that I just change a little bit depending on each reservation and send them in a couple seconds. I use a smart code lock for the door so I don't need to be there when a guests checks in. You can find or create "systems" that will help you to manage it more efficiently. Communication and coordination with guests is fairly easy. If you don't want to do any turn overs, I am sure you can hire someone or a company for the cleaning and preparing. 

Hope this helps!

I'm interested in this too. The challenging part is getting someone in there for daily cleaning, laundry before the next guests come.  And answering messages, especially if you're away in another time zone.

Hi I am looking for a property manager for short term rental in San Jose, CA as well. Anyone knows a good one? @Mike V. Do you still manager vacation rentals?