Evolve driving down market pricing

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Evolve seems to be entering the Poconos vacation rental market rapidly; unfortunately, it appears they seem to be driving down the market pricing by trying to capture more market share.  They are charging the same price per night even for weekends or special event weekends.  If this continues it will only have a negative impact for everyone with short term rentals in the poconos by driving their pricing down to be competitive with Evolve pricing.  Evolve seems to only be capturing weekends anyway with their pricing model.  It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can shed some light or share their experiences/opinions.

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It won’t matter. If you’re self managing you can charge what you think you’re worth and people will pay it rather than dealing with some nation wide PM that’s never been to the Poconos and doesn’t care about guests. Just wait for the evolve owners to get sick of losing money and buy their houses.

I agree with @Lucas Carl that you can charge what you think your home is worth.  Evolve is working to get you occupancy, not the highest rate (though they advertise they can increase your income).  Depending upon which OTA's you are using, you can do your own research among you local competitors and adjust your rates accordingly.    

Evolve or anyone else that prices too low gets rented fast and then the regular priced VRBO's get rented at normal prices. These places are just leaving money on the table. In my market during the peak season and events all the good places are at 100% occupancy.

Vacation rentals is a game anyone can win.  Anyone can enter at anytime and give someone exactly what they need.  Is it space? Luxury? Ammenities? Location? 

If you are losing out — is because there is too much of what you are selling out there.