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Good day,I have 2 properties I wanted to list for short term rental on airbnb and other bookings websites. However, I am new to the business and the first time I listed on airbnb my account was blocked for no apparent reason. Please provide some help with this as I am a beginner. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Newbie

@Chavez Allen    Below are a few blog articles I wrote on my experiences.  Which booking platform you choose is going to depend on your area and some other key factors but in general, you will likely just need Airbnb & HomeAway/VRBO.  You will need to figure out why you were blocked on Airbnb as nobody can answer that except them.  Usually Airbnb provides you a concierge to help you go thru the setup process so you might want to just start with a fresh Aribnb account and start over with them. 

I use a company called Evolve to run all my booking, payments and calendar for which they take 13% of the nightly rates.  This may or may not be an option for you but thought I would just let you know as they take care of getting everything setup on all the major sites and take care of your photography and listing copy (wording).

Good luck!

I would highly recommend checking our AirDNA and paying the $100 and seeing what other homes are making annually in your area. I'm a big fan of the booking sites, and we've been incredibly successful with our homes which are listed on multiple sites but 90% of the bookings come from Airbnb. 

@Chavez Allen Hey Chavez! Nice to hear you're starting out with Airbnb. Did you manage to get your account unblocked? 
I am a customer success agent at AirDNA. Knowing how to price your property is key when starting out on Airbnb, our tools allow you to analyse your competitors and price accordingly. Drop me a message for some more info! 

Just don't use TripAdvisor!  I use AirBnb, VRBO, and HomeAway, and I'm in the process of building my own website.  I used TripAdvisor for awhile and got a handful of bookings through them, but their calendar has a tendency NOT to sync with the others, and I had two double-bookings in one week, for which they charged me $150 each when I had to cancel the bookings.  It wasn't even MY fault!  Thankfully, I caught the bookings before any guests checked in at the same time, but I still had the displeasure of canceling two bookings and getting charged for them.  Good riddance to TripAdvisor!

@Jen Faulkner , isn't that the exact case thought with ABB and VRBO as well? We have a very advanced platform that works with all iCal feeds and have seen that VRBO only outputs bookings made through their website. Same for ABB. This is why we always advise clients to work with a CRM (Take your pick of any 500 out there) and let the CRM do all of the work. Then you don't have the nonsense from VRBO and ABB to contend with.