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We have been very fortunate to have the same cleaning team handling the turnover for our short term rental for the past four years.

Unfortunately, that cleaning team has moved out of the area and we have been struggling to find someone to handle the cleaning for our short term rental.

One problem we are running into is the space is very small, only about 300 square feet. It’s a guest house with no kitchen. We have paid our crew $40 a turnover to clean it for the last two years, it takes me (a non-cleaner) just at an hour to clean the space.

Most professional cleaning services we’ve contacted want a three hour minimum that totals about $90 at minimum, most are much more.

Any suggestions on how we could go about finding a new cleaner?

Try the housekeeping of a local motel.  They usually get paid per room that they clean, not by the hour.  It would be a 1 or 2 person crew doing the cleaning, nobody else to split the money.  Not a 1 person crew and 2 people in an office and an owner, all who get a piece of the pie.

You could also try recruiting someone out of a homeless shelter or rehab.  They are usually pretty desperate and are trying to move forward in their life.

College students would be my last, but least recommended, suggestion.

I once hired someone that was in rehab that also did housekeeping at a motel.  I had no complaints, except when she got sent back to jail and didn't tell me.  She had left a 3 story house about halfway cleaned when she went back to jail.

@Neil Henderson - Check for “house cleaners” and “home cleaners” in your area. I found dozens of highly-rated ones by searching yelp in Las Vegas. I run a furnished rental business in San Francisco and just south of SF and have found good cleaners this way.

I agree with @Paul Sandhu - you’ll have much better luck with mom & pop shopS than big cleaning serviceS. I’m sure there are several individual cleaners in your area that would love the flexibility and frequency of a quick and ongoing $40 gig. 

Good luck!

If you are on the hunt for a mom and pop outfit it may be worth asking any country club friends (if you have any) who cleans their homes. Also asking at your local Real estate investors club may give some of the best leads. Lastly the bulletin boards at your local super market or corner deli, I'd put that last as any of those cleaners don't come with the vetting of the previous options.

Hey Neil, i have a small crew of handymen / cleaners, if you let me know the general location and how many turnovers you have on average i can tell you if i can over you a solution - we usually charge $50-60 for casitas, unless its a super long drive

@Neil Henderson i sent you PM - holler when your next turnup comes up and ill see if we can help you 🤙

Update. We have started using TurnoverBnB and have been very happy so far. We have access to a crew of cleaners who are notified automatically when we have a new booking and they are able to assign themselves to the job when it pops up. 

A new challenge to train the new crews on how we like things to be cleaned, but overall very happy.  

Craigslist under services/gigs.


Two bids. 

One lived 25 miles away and wanted $47 an hour. NO WAY!!! 

Other lived a mile away and $17 an hour. 

When I tried last year, I got about eight replies that were reasonable. So I would say they are better than turnover

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