Install a smart lock on a bedroom door or keep it keyed?

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So I'm getting started renting out rooms. I'm thinking to make one an Airbnb and the other a long term rental. In either case, I think it might be a nice amenity for a guest to have a lock on their door to "feel safe".

1) Should I use smart locks on all the bedroom doors (keyless) or use a different keyed lock on each bedroom door?

2) If you think "yes" for smart locks, what do you think of this smart lock - ?  The main feature it has that I like is a "master code" (for an owner) and then custom codes for the tenant. I'm looking for one that allows me to program the locks from the comfort of my computer which I imagine must exist.  But I'm also trying to be conservative with money.

3) If you think "no" for smart locks, what kind of keyed lock(s) should I get?

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I don't like the look of that lock. No name brand, no history etc. I like the idea of the smart lock on each door.

I would take a look at the Schlage smart locks. I use that in our home on the main entrance. Works great. Zero issues and the 9v battery has lasted almost a year at this point. It is still at 60 percent. I am going to swap it out when I head over next week.

It runs off Z Wave interface so you will have to set that up. Easy to do. I use a Wink 2. WiFi eats batteries as the radio uses a ton more power. 

Very easy to manage the lock codes. Open remotely just in case etc.

It will be more expensive, but I believe it will be worth it. Better to spend a little more now and not have issues in the long term.

In some areas, you cannot put  a robust keyed lock on the door.  For fire reason, cetera. I used to rent out rooms long-term  in a house, and I was informed I could not put keyed locks on the door knobs . I would check with your fire  professionals locally

@Bruce P. Put a digital lock on every door! LOL I can't be trusted with keys so when I buy a new property first thing I do is smack a $69 kwickset deadbolt on the back door if it's a LTR. Maybe that's why I'm so good at STR no one needs a key! Hell I've got digits locks on rooms in the house I live in! Only myself and @Paul Sandhu Have the codes.

Reverend @Lucas Carl is always on the cutting edge of technology with his iPhone.  Me, I'm old school.  Some of my houses are still keyed with the brass key it came with when I bought it as a bank foreclosure.  JP Morgan was the bank.  They use same key pattern for all their foreclosures.  So if I want to take a tour of another one of their foreclosed houses for sale, I just use the key from a previous house I bought from them.  

Thank you @Lucas Carl and @Paul Sandhu , those were very helpful recommendations!  I'm definitely leaning towards smart locks on all doors now.