Guest Contract for Short Term Rental

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Yes, but expecting someone to give you free what they put many hours and money into is kind of a ridiculous request. There can be state and local and National consideration that you can't just take someone else's contract and think that you are fine.

@Ken Latchers it's not a ridiculous request. Perhaps he just needs somewhere to start, like we all did.  When I needed a contract I didn't write it from scratch, someone was kind enough to share what they had. I then modified it as I saw fit. If I was really on top of things I'd run it by a lawyer - as everyone should. Hopefully I'll get around to that eventually. FYI it contains macros you'll need to change, and it was designed for use with rental cabins in the Tennessee mountains. Here it is:

Let's try another way. You supply agreement. Person who takes it uses it and gets sued. His lawyer found out agreement came from you. You are not qualified to create such agreements. You say "I was just trying to help." His lawyer names you as a party to lawsuit. 

I. E. It always seems easy when you ignore risk.