How is your STR in Big Bear CA doing?

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For those who operate a STR in Big Bear CA, how is it doing? I am a bit confused on the data surrounding Big Bear. Various sources say its fantastic and others say not so much. For a 2 bedroom 2 bath cabin I would assume it would do ok year around but several sources say otherwise. Thoughts?

@Caitlin Corcoran

We love Big Bear and have friends who own there. They maintain the cabin themselves renting out to friends and family which they have tons. It does super well year round. Certain pockets do better then others. Be sure to have a good inspector because some places come with a deferred maintenance.

We were looking out there for a while before moving funds out of state!

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According to what I know about it. My friend rents it NOT on any channels but personally to friends and family. She has mentioned 20k cleared last year but doesn't really talk money much! What is the deal. I would love to know more. Does it need rehab or is it turnkey? Most in Big Bear if in quality neighborhoods do really really well. I encourage you to review local listings and estimate returns?

I can't comment on STR, but I can say that there isn't that much of the lake left in Big Bear. At the rate it's going, it'll be big bear without a lake within 10-20 years.

Local government isn’t doing a good job preserving much of the area in my opinion. For someone who frequents the mountains, I’m seeing a decline in upkeep.

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