Favorite podcasts related to Short Term Rentals?

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What are you listening to? I tried out a few this morning, and ended up really loving this one - https://shorttermsage.com/blog/

I also listened to a few I really didn't like. It took me a while to find a good one, but this one was really great! Up until that point, I had heard the same AirBnB host interviewed on multiple FI podcasts, but I wanted to find a show that was really geared to STRs.

Although not a Podcast, Matt McKeever on YouTube has some solid videos about short-term rentals. CNBC just released a TV show called Cash Pad (the first episode is also on YouTube) - it is very glorified for TV but had some fun little pearls in there. 

VRBO has had a show on A&E called Vacation Rental Potential you can probably binge watch now since it has been around a couple years now.

@Bryce Cutler I believe the show on Netflix is called Stay Here. I enjoyed it as well. 

There is another show on Netflix called Instant Hotel where 4 STR owners take turns staying at each other's properties and rate them and at the end the owner with the highest rating wins. I believe it takes place in the U.K. Or Australia.