Avery Carl on Realtor.com article!

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Checking on this 1980's home for sale in Chicago article and who do I see quoted there? Our very own Avery Carl, superstar millennial real estate agent!

"Yet not all agree that this home will languish on the market. Avery Carl,

a real estate agent and millennial, says she finds the home “kitschy,”
but thinks the uniqueness and neutral color palette could attract
buyers. In particular, she adds, millennials—an important home-buying group—are
often cited as lovers of nostalgia, especially of the 1980s and ’90s.

“I’d love to throw a hair metal-themed party in here,” she jokes. On a more
serious note, she adds: “People hate cookie-cutter, and this is far from
it. While it's very unique, it's still neutral enough to appeal to more
than one person. It's not so personalized that it will hurt its chances
of selling."