Should I be concerned about noise in a two-unit appt building?

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Hello All,
My husband and I are thinking of buying a two-unit apartment building for short term rentals (we don't have experience in the STR business but already owned a two-unit building in which we rent (LTR) a unit and live in the other one). If any of you already does this, how do you deal with the noise from the top unit to the bottom one? Would it be better (or worse) to start with a combination of STR in one unit and LTR in the other one. We are in a suburb of Chicago. Thank you!

Check regulations. Find out if it’s even close to legal. 

To answer your question..... for me it’d be both or neither. 

It would be horrible to have a STR over a LTR. You would likely get noise complaints all the time. Either people coming in late or kids jumping around would be a problem for the people downstairs. A side by side duplex would at least be better.

@Lucas Carl Ok. Thanks for your reply! Are you recommending I check regulations on allowing STR at all or allowing to STR in both units? I know strs are allowed in this suburb but never thought of the possibility of not being allowed to rent multiple units in a building. I'll check, thanks again.