Should I pay $997 for Brian Page Airbnb Formula, is it worth it?

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I’ve been considering this for a long time. I live In New York so I feel the competition would kill since I’m new to this whole thing. Would I be making a mistake paying the $997 for the Bnb formula? Anyone ever did this or are involved with Bnb ?

If you are new to short-term rentals, you should not be doing Brian page or Arbitrage. Arbitrage is a high-risk thing that depends on precise knowledge and process. If you are New York City or a large city I would stay way away from it

@Lamonte Menifield Not a lot of love for arbitrage on this forum as it’s not exactly investing. I’m not here to yell you not to do it but I’d spend a good 80 hours obsessing on this forum and reading books like

@Brandon Turner no and low money down before you take the plunge in to Brian Page.

People have posted successful systems, right here on BP. I recently spent 80 hours like @Lucas Carl recommended, gathering information.

I called local municipalities to confirm local areas were accepting or rejecting short term rentals. Then I subscribed to AirDNA to get location specific data. Lastly, I bought a house that would work for long term tenancy. And I got it kitted out for short term rentals with a theme, took bright photos that aligned with a YouTube video I found on taking great room photos, and I was off and running. I have not been disappointed thus far.

No extra money spent on a guru course.

The Brian Paige course is a business transaction.  With every business transaction, someone ends up richer and someone ends up wiser.  If you take the course, I don't think you'll end up richer.