Modsy for designing new purchase for STR

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anyone ever use the site "modsy" to furnish places for str?  just curious as i came across it while doing research on what to put into my new str that is new construct so no furnishings etc :)

Never heard of it. I think you can do very well to start of with good quality used furniture from Craigslist or FB marketplace.

I load up a 16' trailer and appliance dolly and go to an estate auction.  I can buy the 4 main appliances, furnish the living room and a couple of bedrooms for less than the cost of a Las Vegas escort.

I think it is important to make sure you only acquire high-quality items. Vacation rentals can be very competitive, and depend on reviews and other things, and it should not look like a Goodwill mix-and-match bachelor pad

I bought a lot of things from the used furniture section of several local furniture stores. You can get some amazing deals on some really nice stuff you find the right places.

@Bo A Vanecko   I will say that we purchased our last property from an actual interior designer to which we also purchased all the furnishings throughout.  The decor of our property not only greatly increases our listing presence but is consistently mentioned in our reviews. 

If you are not a designer and want to provide that next level experience to your vacation guests I think getting 'help' via whatever tool or service is money well spent (to an extent of course).  Many of the pieces in our place are actually IKEA, but because somebody with a 'designer's eye' assembled it comes across as more 'expensive' experience to many (see image below).

  That's assuming you are catering to vacationers and not refinery workers like our friend Paul does.  :) It's all about knowing your market and customer which Paul knows better then anyone for his market, and you should try to as well for your specific market and guest profile.

Best of luck! 

Hey @Bo A Vanecko , it looks like a fun way to test things out. It does link back to a bunch of different online retailers. It does require registering, so I would use an email that you use for bucketing spam. I am betting you will start getting emails from the many retailers they have listed. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I would use it to try and create some cool looking spaces, then go out and find pieces that are close or that will work. Like @John Underwood said, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGO, OfferUP among others are great places to find quality used items that can build your place.

Like @Ken Latchers said, buy quality furniture. I really only bought made in the USA furniture. It will last much longer, have better fabrics in general and look good.

Here is our living room. All of it was purchased used on the various sites. All of it (there are a couple of small tall tables that were made in the Philippines) made in the USA.

Thanks a ton guys!  truly appreciate the feedback.  the market is def competitive as it is in winter park CO and its in one of the newer condo's touted as a "luxury rental"  so i am thinking Mountain Modern (i guess is the new term).  keep experiences coming!!!  and i will share what i ultimately go with. 

whatever you get get a glass company to make custom glass toppers for every table night stand dresser etc. this will keep you furniture in much better shape.

I use various square dining table placemats on the tables and dressers along with runners. They do the same thing pretty much.

An idea on the glass would be to grab up one of the free windows on Craigslist, remove from the frame, measure and cut yourself. They are tempered usually (like old sliding doors) and all you need to do is polish the edges.

Three or four coats of a quality varnish will also help all of your wooden furniture tops. Dressers, tables, side tables, Etc

Craigslist lets you put up to 24 pics with an ad.  I advertise on Craigslist.  Usually around pictures 18-22 I put pictures of bedrooms.  My bedrooms are decorated like Hugh Hefner did it himself.  Every now and then one of my ads gets flagged for removal because someone saw something they didn't like.  That's why I try to slip it in at the end.

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