Luxury Vacation Rental Amenities

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Good afternoon!

I'm currently in the process of putting up vacation/STR listings into numerous online booking engines and some of them (like OneFineStay) tout themselves as "luxury properties only." When I think of luxury properties, I tend to think of the size, setting, and high quality design finishes (feel) as the major defining factors of "luxury." Are there any amenities or features you would expect to have in a luxury vacation rental that without them you would no longer consider the property "luxury?"

Smart HDTV in every room.  Fancy kitchen gadgets.  A nice charcoal and gas grill.  Covered parking.  A shooting range, or at least an archery backstop.  A good pellet gun, pellets and squirrel/pigeon bait.  A kegorator and a bar.  Exercise equipment, or at least boxing gloves and headgear.  High end artwork like Monet or Dali, or at least some paintings of scantily clad women.  If this sounds like one of my places, it's because I'm describing one in particular.

@Mason H.

Maybe in 6 months to a year from now I'll start doing the analysis and look for luxury homes for rent. (I will be buying a regular STR rental before that, then I'll focus on the luxury one afterwards).

What are your plans for a luxury rental?

@Cheryl Vargas  

I have a STR/vacation rental up in Cape Cod Massachusetts. My wife and I are in the process of re-designing and increasing the "luxury" feel. Not going after the luxury-only market, just looking to push the ADR up for now.

@Mason H.

Oh, that’s a good idea.

In addition to Tim’s ideas above, be sure to have high end furniture- leather couches, modern colors- gray & white, great artwork, plush bath towels, white over-sized comforters, quality sheets.

And leave a bottle of wine for each guest.