Treehouse Vacation Rental

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Hey Everyone!

I live in Maine where short term summer rentals are in huge demand. I've noticed that treehouses can attract way higher occupancy and rates. I've been considering trying to build one on a plot lans but I'm having a tough time determining construction costs, and financing options. Does anyone have any experience doing something like this?

Thanks in advance!

@David Zall that's a great question. Before you dig into construction costs, I would try and find someone who can finance it as a tree house is unique and not every lender may finance that. DM me and I'll send you a couple awesome lenders that I work with.

It's a fascinating concept and I think offering unique experiences is a great way to stand out in a crowded market. I've considered doing Tiny Houses for the same reason. I hadn't thought of tree houses before. 

I am incorporating several tree houses in a development I am working on and because they are such a unique experience I have found every tree house experience is rented out 12 months in advance and attracting top dollar.  You can search your local area to establish comps through visiting various short term vacations sites (Verbo and Airbnb).  The market is very impressive with a complete investment pay down in less than 36 months.

Good luck!