What kind of washing machine is in your STR?

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Yesterday I collected rent from the 4 guys staying in the 2 bedroom apartment that complained about running out of hot water during their back to back showers.  They fixed the problem by turning up the thermostat on the hot water heater; and by waiting until after they showered before doing their daily laundry.

They commented that they like the washing machine, and that it gets their work clothes clean.  They said "It's the washing machine that goes 'Chicka Chicka Chicka' and not 'Hmm Hmm Hmm' that works better".  In other words, it's a washing machine with an agitator and not a new style HE machine.

So to answer my question, I've got old style washing machines with an agitator.  What do you have?

We have a top load Super Capacity washer that has a pop up agitator. 

It is upstairs or I would have gotten a front loader like I have at home. 

When I needed a new washing machine for my own house, I bought a Speed Queen.  It's the old fashioned, tried and true kind with an agitator and no computer to go bad, just knobs.  

We have a Maytag front loader with matching dryer. Easily fits the king comforters. It has been great for the last 4 years.

We have Maytag Epic Z units at our home that have been working for over 14 years now with almost zero issues. I had to replace the dryer control board, but that was $70 and about 15 minutes worth of work.

If they are available in your area and fit your space, I'd also highly recommend Speed Queen washer and dryers. They are commercial quality and work incredibly well. We have them in one of our homes that goes through a lot of towels and sheets.

That said, I was recently shopping for a stacked washer and dyer and Speed Queen was more than 2x the price of the GE one and has a 2-3 month wait at the moment.

Front load Samsung 5cu foot capacity. I can wash the king and queen bedding set at the same time. The load can be washed and dried in under 1 hour. We have guests put towels in the washer before they leave, so those go in the dryer when our cleaner gets there. Then she loads the sheets. She can be out of the place in 1.5 hours including washing all the linens. 

@Paul Sandhu I love these targeted topics and also think your guests are spot on. In one of my rentals I have a non-agitator HE stackable left by the prior owners. I’ve actually had to switch from nice cotton towels to microfiber polyester towels because the dryer takes forever to dry 8 cotton towels and the washer takes over 1.5 hours to complete a cycle (being stackable it’s also a top load so w/out the agitator so I’m not even sure what kind of washing the thing is doing).

+1 to anything with an agitator that’s more focused on washing than saving a bucket of water.