Short Term Rentals Oklahoma City Area

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Looking to get into some short term rentals in the greater OKC area. Anyone in that market that would want to connect? Would be interested to hear about strategies and returns. Would love to get a place near healthcare facilities and downtown areas. Look forward to connecting!

Hey @Blake Sullivan ! I recently got into owning a STR after managing some (sounds ack basswards I know) and I have found the hospitals to be the best driver of my returns that I could ask for!

Hey @Blake Sullivan , I've had a short term rental for 16 months on the NE side of OKC near the OU Medical Center. This giant medical complex is just east of downtown OKC. I've had my share of guests that are medical professionals or in town for a procedure at the hospital. There are still some deals on the northeast side if you stay between the OU Medical Center and MLK to the east. Tons of activity and remodels in the area. Also some new construction. But I've kept my STR full nearly every day.

I find many or most of the hospitals in the area are right off of main highways, so I would highly recommend looking for STRs with good access to main highways. OKC is very spread out but fairly easy to travel due to the no-brainer grid highway system.

Forrest Faulconer

To my knowledge, OKC does not require a special business license. I've operated an AirBNB since Jan. 20 and have received nothing from the city or AirBNB.

@Blake Sullivan the guys below hit on hospitals, which have been great for me. FAA has also been a steady driver and lots of relocations right now. With the market being so hot we’ve had a ton of people just needing to live somewhere while they buy/sell their homes.