Short Term Rental Class / Coaching?

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Getting started in real estate and have been reading and listening for the past year or so.

I've decided STR is the way I'd like to invest but have been spinning my wheels lately looking across Zillow and stuck in analysis paralysis.

I think I need a little help getting the ball moving and I think some classes/coaching can get me started now.

Any recommendations for something to help me purchase my first property for STR? I am in Southern California, but open to out of state investing as well.

Look at your local MLS (multiple listing service). Filter the criteria you are looking for (bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, etc.). Narrow it down to half a dozen. Call each properties agent and take a look.

This forum has all kinds of training as well as motivation, success stories and the what to do about this issues spread throughout. There are people on hear that are willing to give their advice and experiences as well as hard cold facts about stopping the talk and walking the walk when it comes to STR. Before you pay any money for a coach, read everything you can on this forum...Ask questions after if you haven't found an answer already by reading everything on this forum. You'll find there are many here that started just like you (Myself included). There are some great mentors on this forum that will help you break the friction from the seat of your pants on the cushion of your sofa. Its not for everybody, but when I have been asked what do you wish you'd done different when starting in the STR world, I always answer "I wish I'd started sooner"! Good Luck and devour the information contained here.

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I second what @Paul Cox says.

There is a wealth of information on this forum. Read through some of the old posts on this subject. There is enough on here to fill a couple books.

@Gary Liu congrats on deciding on a real estate niche. I am getting ready to launch a free class on best ways to do STR. If you are interested in jumping on the beta of the class we should have it up and running soon. Shoot me a message with you email and I'll add you to the initial email list.

Thanks for all the responses guys.  It's good to have such a great community of people supporting each other on here!  I'll have to really dig in and set some actionable items, take things step-by-step until I get that first deal in.