Do you personalize things for your STR tenants?

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Was collecting rent from a house with 6 guys yesterday. The most talkative of the 6 was a guy named Jose Pena. They had broken a dining room chair.  I took it home and screwed the wood back together.  Then I added a sticker to the back of the chair. The front of the chair says "Jose Pena's Chair For Sitting".  Do you do stuff like this?

We put out 4 towels if there are four guests and only 2 towels if there are two guests. Fairly personalized, haha.

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People speak to their guests?

The boss of the 6 guys came out to my place for 2 hours last summer to shoot a shotgun he won.  A few years earlier he shot a deer somewhere down south.  He dressed it, then hung it up in a tree to cool down.  He went back the next morning to finish processing it and it had been eaten by bears.  The only thing left hanging in the tree was the deers head.

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I dunno.....Lately, I just keep finding women's underwear under the beds.......

Maybe I should start a collection...?

i found this jammed in the pulley/belt assembly of a clothes dryer.