Please share your STR Numbers for Airbnb

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Hi all,

I am new to Airbnb hosting. I have about $350k saved for a downpayment for a STR and I'm trying to wrap my head around where to invest. If you have a STR in either Bear Lake, CA - La Quinta, CA - South Lake Tahoe, CA - Scottsdale or Lake Havasu, AZ, or anywhere in Idaho... would you please do me a huuuuge favor and share your cash on cash returns and numbers? I just need the city name, make sure to not share addresses or anything ele that's personal. I really appreciate any insights to get me a step closer to honing down on a market and buying a property to use for a STR.

I spend on average $9500 for a 3 bedroom.  I rent it out for $600/week.  It's rented out about 26 weeks a year.

@Ryan Moyer you are correct South Lake, CA is banned. There are areas around the lake which are not. Stateline new permits are capped though may open up. Existing permit holders are fine to renew. Incline village is available for new permits.

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My airbnb numbers are not good because most of my bookings come from Vrbo.

 Similar situation here.  I think I've grossed $2000 in the last 5 years from Airbnb.  It was all from a group of guys working on cell phone towers.

@Erika Buenavennturi before the fires took over Lake Tahoe we hit a 20% cash on cash return for our property in South Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately there are no new permits being issued in South Lake Tahoe at the moment.

Also if you have $350k saved, I would suggest spreading that out between multiple properties. If you're looking for the best ways to research properties and manage on the backend, feel free to DM me.

La Quinta is not issuing permits at this time.  I have properties in the surrounding areas that do well.  Also a couple of large rentals in havasu.