Poconos PA Short-Term rentals

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I have been looking into purchasing an investment property in Poconos as a #shorttermrental. However, after looking at the calendars of multiple hosts on airbnb, I got concerned that the foot traffic is a little light in the area. There are significant vacancies from what I can tell. Can anyone bring some perspective to that point?


@Jephte Augustin STR typically have fluctuating vacancies depending on season. Be sure you are looking at high and low season vacancy rates. STR are known for higher ROIs over the years. Covid has also increased the vacancy rates. Factor this in as you are evaluating the viability of a particular property.

Hi Jephte,

Right now it's the shoulder season so most places are only booked on weekends. That is expected with a 'drive to' destination like the Poconos. It's a great weekend getaway! I myself have a STR there and am starting to take on new properties for my new Concierge service. I have my team in place and it's a well oiled machine. I've been renting my home there for the past 3+ years. I'd love to connect with you. If you like, you can send me a DM and I can give you some more information.

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Hey Jephte, 

This is an area that I'm looking into as well. I have a colleague who has an STR there and he says he only lost out on 2 months last year (due to Covid) but other than that he rounded out last year at $60k. I haven't asked him about this year, but I'll see if I can get an answer on that. From his experience the Poconos is heavier in the summer, during the winter most people go to the actual ski resorts however he's been booked almost all weekends since last year

Through most of the year, the Poconos has mostly weekend bookings from my experience and then summertime is peak season. It's not a market that I saw that had weeklong bookings month over month. 

It's definitely a weekend getaway kind of town in the off season. You can start to pick up some week long rentals again once the colder weather rolls in and they can start making some snow. But it doesn't seem consistent. I'm starting my journey of switching from long term fixer upper rentals over to new construction STRs in the Pocono area. Check out my FB page and give me a follow if you're interested in following along. Just search: Hosts of Airbnb: Poconos.  

Tread lightly guys.. I just read an article about strict STR enforcement in East Stroudsburg. They're really trying to crack down with new laws. I live 35 mins from the Poconos and won't buy anything there, str or ltr

@Matt M. yeah they are getting pretty strict over in East Stroudsburg -  I actually posted a link to their notice on September 2nd. I'd put the link to my post but BP will remove it. As of September 2021 they were restricting STRs in R-1 zoned areas among other things. Search Hosts of Airbnb:Poconos on FB. I try to post on the ever changing ordinances in the area.   

This time of year, usually early fall, you will find lower occupancy rates. Most vacationers are coming out for weekend trips. However, we will see a spike coming into the winter months when ski resorts start to open and blow snow. 

East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg have been tough with STR's. I know Middlesmithfield Township and Stroud township allow STR. Other than that it is pretty limited. A few of my clients bought str properties in Penn Estates and have made a killing just in the past 4 months.

If you are willing to expand your search area, Albrightsville, Lake Harmony, Tobyhanna, Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, and Long Pond have great opportunities for STR. The rules and regulations with Township and HOA are pretty lenient. The demand for vacation there is huge due to lakes, ski resorts, casinos, hiking, hunting etc.

If you want more information I would love to connect and give you some more detail! 




Municipalities governments in Pennsylvania come in the form of cities, townships and boroughs. Each municipality has their own zoning and land use regulations and while some are fairly standard, the use of a residential home for short-term rentals is not. A 2019 court case decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court called Slice of Life, et al v. Hamilton Twp ZHB set forth the current surge in municipal regulation of short-term rentals.

Below is a list of municipalities in Carbon County and neighboring areas with an estimate as to their current position regarding the use of vacation rentals from individual homes. This is done by my ongoing survey of the market, discussions with municipal officials and website review, BUT it is by no ways official. For detailed information, please contact the municipality itself.

BANKS TOWNSHIP (Treskow, PA 18254)
Telephone #: (570) 454-8291

short-term rental permitted Short term rentals are permitted use within any single family dwelling in all zoning districts in Banks Township.

BEAVER MEADOWS BOROUGH (Beaver Meadows, PA 18216)
Telephone #: (570) 455-7841

short-term rental warning No rules or regulations affecting Short-Term Rentals in Beaver Meadows Borough have been published..
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Hey @Jephte Augustin

With the upcoming winter season, there will be lower vacancies due to the shoulder season. I wouldn't be too worried about the properties being occupied, but when looking for a good property in the Poconos you want to make sure it is in the middle of all of the attractions. 

My favorite areas in the Poconos after having a recent successful launch have been the Pocono Pines, and Poconos Summit area due to high rental rates

Always happy to help out, feel free to dm me! 

Live Free,