Airbnb Arbitrage /Short term vacation rental

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My understanding is that it can be a good way to get started if you're low on capital, but I would lay out a clear plan on how this leads you to purchase your first property. Because arbitrage is essentially a job with no equity or appreciation.  

Thank You for the information on the topic, I should have added more detail this is new to me, but Im low on capital and recently saw the BP podcast episode with Rafa and learned short term rentals can be a very quick and effective way to build capital. My long-term goal in investing is through building a large diversified portfolio of passive income building assets and just need a way to get my foot in the door as I am only 20 years old living together with my girlfriend. Any information on the topic or a mentor would be more than helpful. 

@Kaleb Hayslett

Join your local RE Association.

Read everything you can get your hands on.

Listed to the BP podcasts.

Don't expect someone to spoon feed you without you giving something in return.

Find local people that you can take to lunch 8f you want a mentor.