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Hi all-

I am in the Air Force and have recently been stationed in Alaska. It beautiful and we love it. I have two SFR properties that I have been trying to manage with family members but its not working and I need to find reliable managers for them. At least, until I can sell them. I have a 2 bed, 1 bath in Montgomery, AL (currently unoccupied) and I have a 4 bed, 2 bath in Bartlett, TN (will be unoccupied on 1 Sept). Any advice?

Look for certified property managers in your areas - that would be the first place I'd look, if you don't have any personal references.

I think this is the right link:

@Steve Sharp

I work with a brokerage in Montgomery who handles rentals. I will PM you the contact information.

I use Keith Elomore with LEM.  Great guy and knows his stuff

Typo..... Keith Elmore

Thanks for the fast responses. I will definitely research each one.

I can certainly put you in contact with my property managers. You know my story. They are very familiar with Capitol Heights.

I know Keith as well. He is a good guy especially if you want to do section 8.

@J Benoit  Thanks for Keith's information. He is a perfect fit. 


I still need some ideas about property management in Bartlett or Memphis, Tennessee. My property there is a 4 bed, 2 bath and will be vacant soon. I believe it will need tons of work - floors, paint (inside and out), etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For my TN property, I have decided to give CrestCore Realty a try. I found them on the NARPM website. Anyone have experience with them?

Thanks for the suggestions .... I've had a good experience so far with these two property managers:

Montgomery, AL - Keith Elmore, LEM

Memphis, TN - Douglas Skipworth, CrestCore Realty

I have three of my properties in Memphis managed by crestcore.  The principals started out as investors and are growing fairly quickly.  There have been a few small bumps but they take care of the issues.  I am happy with them. 

David and Steve, 

Thanks so much for the kinds words!

At CrestCore Realty (, we work very hard to treat our investor clients exactly the same way we want to be treated ourselves, especially since 1/3 of the 2,100 units we manage are owned by either CrestCore employees or their family members.  We believe that "eating our own cooking" makes us the perfect fit for buy, hold, and grow investors.

We appreciate the partnership with have with each of you!

All the best,

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