Seeking home inspector

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Hello, I'm seeking referrals to trustworthy and experienced home-inspection company in Alabama (Montgomery, Huntsville, and/or Birmingham).  I'd also  like to connect with other members operating in these cities for my next acquisitions. Thanks!

Andrew I am a Realtor born & raised in the Montgomery area. I'd be happy to assist you with anything concerning central Alabama.

Doug Thornton in Montgomery.

Birmingham- Mark Branson

He has inspected a home for me personally. No issues with referring him.

Birmingham, Alabama Home Inspector

@Andrew R.

Meredith Jones with Jones-Warren Home Inspection might be able to help you out. I haven't used her services yet but she's good people from what I can tell. 

Magic City Inspection - Bill Corbett -

I have used several times last 2 years. Good job. His report is what I use for some of my subs to go by.

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