Just moved (back) to Alabama with one rental in Texas

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Hello BP members. This is my first official post to the forums. I turned my residence into a rental property when I had to move from Texas to Alabama. Well, mainly because of a move with the Army. Currently I'm in the Enterprise and Dothan area of Alabama. Ever since I started researching about how to rent properties (mainly my property in Texas), I can't get enough of the REI bug. I'm listening to every podcast, reading every blog, researching market analysis, and I currently have three books sitting in the passenger seat of my car (two business and one accounting). I just finished rich dad and hope to continue my education through seminars or locals in the area. I want to make my first income property purchase this coming spring. If there is any events/meet-ups from Enterprise, Dothan, Mobile, Pensacola, Panama City, Destin, or anywhere within 3 hours of Ft. Rucker, please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Barry, I'm here in the Panama City area. I'm a fellow active duty member. There are some decent investment opportunities in PC imo. Send me a PM if you'd like more details on this market.

@Barry Gentry welcome to BP! I'm headed to Enterprise/Dothan area this winter. I'm also heavy into the education and looking for property to house hack once I arrive. I just found http://www.alareia.com as a really good source of Alabama specific information and they also hold monthly association meetings. I'll be attending those once I arrive to check them out. I know some of the bigger cities (Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham) have their own investor groups and I'd like to check them out as well. I haven't had much luck connecting with Enterprise/Dothan area folks on BP yet, but I'll find out where they're hiding. Good luck and stay in touch!

Hello Barry,

I just found this BP and just as I suspected, not a lot of members here in the Enterprise, FT. Rucker area. Well, now there is one more of us!

Trying to both learn the ropes and avoid analysis paralysis. I have a highly demanding "regular" job so REI is audio podcasts and books while driving, late nights and weekends. Like you, I spent time in Central Texas ('90s) and my job led me here about 3 years ago. Now trying to find good property managers/ contractors for Dale, Geneva, Pike, Coffee and Houston county properties. Any suggestions?

@Jeff Stricker make me number five newbie in Dothan. I do not live there but I am investing there. I will be a full time resident in 8 years.


I am coming down in November and would love to meet other investors in Dothan.

I just moved to alabama 2 months ago I have obtained 3 properties in the short time I have been here.  I enjoy the real estate investing (game)  i am also looking for real estate meetings to go to i am in the jasper area and only 30 minutes away from birmingham I wanna surround myself with like minded people who have the passion about real estate as I do . Do you know and good groups to join