Just moved (back) to Alabama with one rental in Texas

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Hello BP members. This is my first official post to the forums. I turned my residence into a rental property when I had to move from Texas to Alabama. Well, mainly because of a move with the Army. Currently I'm in the Enterprise and Dothan area of Alabama. Ever since I started researching about how to rent properties (mainly my property in Texas), I can't get enough of the REI bug. I'm listening to every podcast, reading every blog, researching market analysis, and I currently have three books sitting in the passenger seat of my car (two business and one accounting). I just finished rich dad and hope to continue my education through seminars or locals in the area. I want to make my first income property purchase this coming spring. If there is any events/meet-ups from Enterprise, Dothan, Mobile, Pensacola, Panama City, Destin, or anywhere within 3 hours of Ft. Rucker, please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Barry, I'm here in the Panama City area. I'm a fellow active duty member. There are some decent investment opportunities in PC imo. Send me a PM if you'd like more details on this market.

@Barry Christopher , I'm a military member as well. We have a good REI in Pensacola called the P.I.G. You should check it out if you are ever in the area. Good luck getting going!

@Barry Gentry welcome to BP! I'm headed to Enterprise/Dothan area this winter. I'm also heavy into the education and looking for property to house hack once I arrive. I just found http://www.alareia.com as a really good source of Alabama specific information and they also hold monthly association meetings. I'll be attending those once I arrive to check them out. I know some of the bigger cities (Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham) have their own investor groups and I'd like to check them out as well. I haven't had much luck connecting with Enterprise/Dothan area folks on BP yet, but I'll find out where they're hiding. Good luck and stay in touch!

Hello Barry,

I just found this BP and just as I suspected, not a lot of members here in the Enterprise, FT. Rucker area. Well, now there is one more of us!

Hello Barry, James, and Rob,

Newest of Newbies also in Dothan, so make that 4!

How's it going Jeff?

Trying to both learn the ropes and avoid analysis paralysis. I have a highly demanding "regular" job so REI is audio podcasts and books while driving, late nights and weekends. Like you, I spent time in Central Texas ('90s) and my job led me here about 3 years ago. Now trying to find good property managers/ contractors for Dale, Geneva, Pike, Coffee and Houston county properties. Any suggestions?

@Jeff Stricker make me number five newbie in Dothan. I do not live there but I am investing there. I will be a full time resident in 8 years.


I am coming down in November and would love to meet other investors in Dothan.

I have some good contacts with contractors. Let me know when you find a deal and I can connect you. 

I just moved to alabama 2 months ago I have obtained 3 properties in the short time I have been here.  I enjoy the real estate investing (game)  i am also looking for real estate meetings to go to i am in the jasper area and only 30 minutes away from birmingham I wanna surround myself with like minded people who have the passion about real estate as I do . Do you know and good groups to join

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