Alabama tax deed and redemption

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If I purchased a tax deed and put a tenant in place, what happens to the tenant if the owner redeems? 

It is my understanding that you would need a 30 day vacate clause in your rental agreement. If the owner, completes the steps in the redemption process, they can get the property back....Seek legal though to be on the safe side and Denise Evans in a well-respected pro and offers a class.

Thanks for the recommendation, @Brittany Thompson . Yes, @Tasha Pams , you must include  30 day cancellation clause in the lease to take effect if redemption occurs. Don't bury it in the boilerplate--make sure the tenant sees it and initials next to it. Initially is not legally required, but it protects you against a tenant who sues you and says he didn't see the clause or you told him "redemption won't happen,don't worry about it" or similar things.

what if you do work to the house that you got on the tax deed do thay have to pay you back for that 

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