Got My First Wholesale Call | Can You Check My Analysis?

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Good evening!  New to wholesaling here in Huntsville.  I took action and conducted my first small Yellow Letter campaign about a week ago.  Proud to say that I got my first response call today.  I'm working the BP wholesale calculator and just want to make sure that the numbers I'm using make sense for the Huntsville area. 

If you've done a deal and can spare a few minutes via phone, email or coffee to do a sanity check with me.  It would be appreciated.  If you're a buyer and the deal looks good, you'd be my first consideration.



Hey good folks, it seems like we all are nearby on the Arsenal. I would definitely like to be apart of any meetup. if it is lunch, i am available wed/thurs of next week. 

Happy to check it out for you Shawn. You have my email I believe, if not give me a call and I can get it to you. Congrats on the first call!

All, thanks for the offer.  I've left a couple of voicemails for the potential client, but haven't heard back.  I'm gauging the level of motivation to not be very high. But I'm going to call again tomorrow and continue to market to her.  She's in the 35805 area.  Even if things don't work out, I'd still like to run the numbers and show them to someone just to make sure that I'm using the BP calculator properly so @Jason Grey , @Kevin Cedeno , @Caleb Bryant , and @Samuel Garrett I may shoot you an email requesting your assistance.

I've gotten another call from a client about two days ago.  He's a pretty heavy rental property owner in Huntsville and is having some permit issues with a property in the 35816 area. House has a very weird layout.  He talked my ear off for about an hour.  He's started some work on the place, but it needs gas and power to be hooked up to it.  I don't understand "rehab lingo" so I got a little lost after awhile.  

My research online shows that at one time, the house was deemed unsafe by the City (unsafe conditions).  Not sure what's happened with it since then.  Client didn't mention any "unsafe conditions."

Bottom Line:  For now, it's good to see that the marketing is at least getting people to pick up the phone.  I'll keep pressing forward.