Alaska Investors?

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I am up here in Fairbanks trying to get started. I am stationed here at Wainwright and am really digging the area and all Alaska has to offer. Where are you at and what type of investing are you looking at? Give me a holler and maybe we can start a legit BP chapter in the Great White North!


Another Alaskan saying hello. :) Quite a distance from Anchorage. Even quite a distance from Ketchikan. I'm happy to see some other Alaskans here on BP. I'm landlording in Hyder. (Southeast Alaska.)

Welcome to Alaska investing! There are always stories here to share. :) @Roy Schauer @Carly Staehlin @Keenan Fitzpatrick @Brittany Hart

Make sure you learn about the landlord laws here. They are statutory laws - meaning up to the judge at the time of ruling, even it you are technically right which the written section of the laws. I had to try a person three times and the judge still didn't kick them out while still behind in rent and all repairs finished and unfounded. :)