Recommendations for RE Agents and Lenders in Phoenix & Scottsdale

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I am new to real estate investing and looking for recommendations in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Can anyone recommend a good real estate agent and lender who specialize in MFRs? I would like to purchase a duplex or triplex in Scottsdale or Fountain Hills. 

Welcome to BiggerPockets @Melinda Bruce ! The Phoenix market at large is a great place invest - I know because I have a portfolio of rental properties here myself! You definitely want an agent that actually works with small multi-family properties, as the buying process can be more complicated than single family homes. 

Welcome Melinda! I can recommend a few lenders, I'll message you

Hi Melinda,

I know of a fantastic agent who deals specifically with investors and knows the Scottsdale area.

Send me a PM and I can share their contact with you.

Hi Melinda! I'm looking to do the same. Let's chat!

Originally posted by @Rachel Steenland :

Hi Melinda! I'm looking to do the same. Let's chat!

 @Melinda Bruce I am sorry I am so late to the discussion, but I wanted to reach out.  I am a 20 year Realtor in the phoenix/Scottsdale area.  I live in North Scottsdale, am an investor myself, and have experience with multifamily, not only the selling aspect, but also the evaluating aspect as many Realtors here inflate unmbers to create proformas in order to get higher cap rates.  I can blow through all that to get to the true figures, and present them to you for consideration.  I also have an awesome conventional 1-4 unit lender here locally that I work with almost exclusively for 1-4 unit deals.  I also have access to commercial lending resources if and when you decide to make the jump.

If I can answer any questions or be of any help, please feel free to PM me.

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