Phoenix Property Management recommendations.

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Can anyone recommend a solid PM company in the Phoenix market? I'm on my third PM team since acquiring two SFH rentals there back in 2010. This last one I contracted with was pretty good for a couple years, but lately (as in the past 6 months) I'm just getting the same poor service as I did with the first two I hired–no return phone calls (often), no return emails (also often), failure to notify me of larger expenses, getting invoices that are two or three months late, etc. All things that I would assume are just basic/common courtesy practices in any business, let alone PM.

I've brought up these issues with them repeatedly for a while now, but it hasn't gotten better. I'm paying $75 per house, so $150/month total–which was originally 10% of my rent, but with the rent increases over the years it now works out to about 7%. 

Any recommendations would help.

Thank you.



@David Vander Pol

I work with a fantastic property management team. They charge a bit more than what you're currently paying.

Send me a PM and I'll introduce you to them.

Ps. They are in Phoenix. (My profile says Tampa because we invest in both cities and Tampa is our main focus right now).

@David Vander Pol

Try Rentals America. 77 reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp. Reviews from both tenants and owners. No association with them.

Give 'em an interview, but also try @Eric Delcol 's recommendation. In fact, interview 1 or 2 more. By the time you've finished, trust your gut and you'll know who to go with. Best of luck!

I have 26 units in Phoenix which my property manager has been doing a good job managing.  If you want the contact information, please message me.

David, check out the NARPM national organization. Seasoned PM’s throughout that area

Awesome. Thanks for all the info everyone.

Try to contact Mike at Denali Real Estate. If you PM me, I will give you the contact information.

So far I've had a positive experience dealing with them especially for their price!

We use Fort Lowel Realty.  They have their main office in Tucson but they've got another office here in Phoenix.  We've got property in Phoenix and Tucson so that made a lot of sense for us.  They've been good.  No major complaints.  Any issues that we've had, we go to them and get them worked out and we always get a resolution, so I'd be totally comfortable recommending them.  

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