Masterminds in North Central Phoenix area?

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I am wondering if anyone knows of any good REI masterminds or meetups in North Central Phoenix. I have found a few groups run by various folks who have education or coaching to sell or are looking for deal funding or something like that. Nothing against any of that as it's all necessary, but I don't seem to be able to locate a good group that is simply folks who want to learn, grow, and share ideas together.

Does anyone know of any groups like that?

Thanks in advance!

Great idea. There are real estate meet ups in the east valley that do that. Nothing I know of there. Doesn’t mean you can’t create it. I’m sure there is a desire then in many for such a group. 

Hope it helps.


Thanks @Michael Hacker  

 @Tanner Enderle  

I included the link to our September Meetup below. We don't sell anything or charge for attendance. Our group has been meeting consistently every month for over a year. Real Estate Investing Networking group with some education and lots of great investors. This group might be perfect for you! Hope you can make it to a future event.

I would be interested in a group in north central Phoenix, I grew up in the area and still live and work there. As long as someone is not trying to sell me some new real estate system or new strategy for investing. Networking with other investors that know the area well would be great.

Adam Mauck   

@Tanner Enderle The word mastermind gets thrown around a lot in the forums. Are you looking around for a networking group to learn more about investing in real estate or are you looking for an actual mastermind group made up of high net worth individuals (most likely millionaires or more) who meet to talk about the economy and their tstrengths and threats to their businesses and how they plan to address those threats as they continue to grow.