Buy and Hold Rentals Newbie from Tempe, AZ

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Hi BP members. I am new to RE investing and I am looking to acquire buy and hold rental properties in the East Valley. Any information on local meetup groups, the local market and investor friendly lenders would be greatly appreciated. 

@Marie Folsom

Hi Marie and welcome to BP! The East Valley has gotten quite hot the last few years and properties have been harder to come by. Mesa still has some opportunities, but the neighborhoods kind of vary in quality every few blocks. Take a look at the Events page to see local meetups. @Shiloh Lundahl holds a monthly meeting in Mesa on Baseline Rd. and could be a good opportunity for you to network. Best of luck!

@Bob Okenwa Thanks for the shout out Bob.  It was great working with you on the last property.  I should be closing on that long term portfolio loan this month.  I think the rate is going to be below 5% amortized over 30 years to maximize the cash flow so I am excited about that.

@Marie Folsom I see you have already clicked that you will be attending the meetup in Mesa.  I look forward to meeting you there in person.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to be of help before then.

Hi @Marie Folsom , welcome to BP!

Tempe is a great market but there is a range of demographics.  All of my rentals are in mid-Tempe (baseline/Rural area) as I prefer to avoid the college scene and get young professionals.

Feel free to reach out if you ever need help or advice!  Best of luck.

@Bob Okenwa - thank you for the information and reaching out, Bob. I have been in touch with @Shiloh Lundahl and will be attending his next meetup. Shiloh has already been a great resource. Looking forward to meeting like minded people at the next meetup.

@Shiloh Lundahl - yes, I am excited about attending your next meeting and I look forward to meeting you in person as well. Thank you again for your time and help thus far. See you soon.

@Kenny Dahill - thank you for reaching out. I agree in your approach to the demographics of Tempe. I will definitely reach out to inquire more about the different areas.