Any REI groups in Los Angeles?

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I am looking for an REI group particularly in or around the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Unfortunately most of them are either closed or are closing. There are a couple of REI groups in Culver City and Palmdale, but my work hours do not allow me to attend. Please help!


There are quite a few in San Fernando valley and around. Go to and run a quick search

InvestClub for women is my favorite one (yes men can attend and are welcome) - that one meets in Glendale. There's a meeting next week and the guests are a panel of real estate investors/flippers.

There's one in Reseda called the 'MegaMasterMind', I haven't attended any of there meetings but I know they are very active.

There's a solid FIBI 'For Investors By Investors' in Pasadena and they always have amazing guests like Tony Alvarez.

It might a little out of the way but Bill Tan's REIA is another solid one (it's called Los Angeles & Asian Real Estate Investors Meetup). They meet in Arcadia

@Miguel Garcia  I was looking for local clubs as well, and I stumbled upon Their next meeting is July 1st - I spoke with Robyn Love who invited me to the Real Estate Investment Club of LA meeting tonight in Culver City.

Let me know if you are attending any as I am a newbie starting out and I live in West LA. Would love to meet up as well.

InvestClub for Women is very good...the Club in Action in Burbank is great (they have a free Cashflow game tomorrow night). I've been to the MasterMegaMind, but I'm not going any more. Sam's RE Club in Beverly Hills is good, but that is probably too far to drive.

Come out to the free Cashflow tomorrow night and introduce yourself to Julie Falen and other investors. It is a great group of people

Thank you all for the great suggestions...

@Daniel Smilansky I have been to that one and it's great but it's too far and by the time I am off work I would be stuck in traffic and never make it. Let's meet up though and network.

@Mark Mynhier Thank you for the info, out of curiosity, why did you stop attending "MasterMegaMind"?

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