Rental properties in Fullerton?

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So my wife and I are trying to decide whether we should buy this property in Fullerton. 

What are some of the experiences some of you have had recently? Specifically, is crime pretty low? Are the current neighborhoods occupied by quality people?


I don't own property in Fullerton, but I live very close. There are nice areas in Fullerton and then there are some not so great areas. you may be best off giving the address or cross streets, so that people with experience in the specific neighborhood can give you more insight.

Neighborhoods East of Gilbert, South of Valencia, and North of Orangethorpe.

Hey @Andy M. I grew up in Fullerton, lived there until I was 23, now live in East Placentia (about 10 minutes away) and go to Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College. The neighborhood you're looking in is generally lower-income than the rest of Fullerton with a slightly higher crime rate. The area along Valencia Ave. near the train station was known as Fullerton Tokers' Town when I was in high school - some gang activity, crime, and drugs - but they've been cleaning up in recent years. That said, there are pocket neighborhoods that are pretty safe where you're looking. The demographics and safety can change on almost a street by street basis there. I recommend driving the area on a Saturday or Sunday when everyone's home or out walking about and find areas with homes that show outward signs of pride of ownership, then drive your choice neighborhoods at night to see what kind of people are out. Also, there are a lot of infill development projects planned for Fullerton, and both population and job growth are expected to outpace housing over the next 10 years, so multi-family is a good bet. If you have more questions about Fullerton, I'm happy to help. Just send me a colleague request or PM. 

Also, you should check out Mas Islamic Chinese Restaurant when you're in town. They have the best family-style Chinese food around. Make sure to get the naan with green onions, it's fantastic. They're at 601 E. Orangethorpe, Anaheim. (I'm not an affiliate, just a fan).

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