Golf and Real Estate

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I am sure we all cover a lot of real estate, when we play golf. However, I am interested in the benefits people have found with utilizing golf as a way to bring in team members and partners.  Any experiences, words of wisdom, or interest to play golf in the Mountain View area.  

The largest benefit is that it's a game that forces you to be with someone for a few hours where you also get a chance to keep the blood flowing (walking, swinging, etc) which keeps you calm. I don't personally play a lot, but others on my team love it for recruiting and networking because it's not as formal as even sitting for coffee.

@Domenick Cava

I have started to golf a lot lately. I think it is a great way to network with people. There is not many other times/opportunities you get someone for 4 hours in an environment where they feel comfortable and both people are most likely in a calm mood, which is the best time to have business conversation.