Pros & Cons To Investing in Palm Springs / Joshua Tree

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I am looking to invest in a vacation rental in Palm Springs or Joshua Tree. Palm Springs has a young visiting population and an increasing number of events. Joshua Tree prices are more affordable.

- What have you encountered in these areas?
- What are the Airbnb policies in place in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree?
- Would you recommend investing in any other areas of California close to here? 

Hey David. I can't answer your questions because I don't do vacation rentals, but I saw your Tijuana location. Are you down there a lot? I'm curious if investors are starting to invest there since it's building up so much and the crime has gone down. I recently just started doing down to Baja recently and am going fairly regularly now. Every time I pass through Tijuana I wonder if investors are hitting it up.

You should call Joshua tree and Pam springs they actually have compliance short term rental officers that you ask your questions that way you get the information from the horses mouth. Happy to network and assist.

Palm Springs has a ton of rules and enforcement.  Read that ordinance in full, and call a couple of property management companies in the area to get their take.  I prefer other neighboring cities that are easier to work with personally.

Joshua Tree is not incorporated and therefore has no ordinance of it's own, but is under the jurisdiction of San Bernardino County.

There is more information regarding the surrounding areas here as well: