Recommendation for property manager in Sacremenato

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Hello Everyone,

We are very close to closing our very first SFH investment house in Sacramento. So, our next step is to look for property manager to hand it to.
We are planning to setup a few interviews with them but this is going to be our first property so quite sure what to look for and compare. Feel free to recommend any manager or company. I would like to chat with as much as I possibly can. I would like them to take care of pretty much everything since I live 3 hours away from the property.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if you ended up finding anyone. Giana Wheless with River City Properties lives in East Sacramento and would be a great person to contact for managing your property! I've known her for 28 years, she is reliable and trustworthy. I've heard horror stories about some of the larger property management companies, they dont answer their phones and aren't there when you really need them. Beware of the sales pitches to hook you, but then they dont deliver when it counts.

Giana has an accounting background, so she will manage the funds appropriately and is an extremely organized person. River City Properties is a small shop, so they will really take care of you! Give her a call, I've attached her business card.