Recommended investor friendly attorney

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Hi everyone,

Can someone please recommend an real estate focus attorney in the Bay Area? I'm looking for someone to first help create an LLC and possibly stay on retainer for any future q&a.

Thank you

Creating a LLC is as simple as going to the secretary of state website and filling out the online form. That's what I did here in Colorado. Cost me $50.00. The hard part was coming up with a name for the LLC - settled on Bitchin Properties!

@Thien Tran 

Hey Thien - for the LLC (as mentioned above) you can do it yourself, use and CPA or even some tax professionals can help you with that. An attorney can also do it of course but I would assume it will be the most expensive option...

Also, if you find a good Agent/Broker they should be able to help you with your Q&A. And they are FREE! And most Brokerages have a RE Attorney on retainer so anything the Agent/Broker doesnt know can get answered by their lawyer. So I would recommend leveraging your relationship with a broker first. :)

Doesnt an attorney put something in the LLC definition to make it solid. The whole goal for an LLC is to not let anyone come after your personal assets in case there is an issue. Isn't that where an attorney can help and make it bullet proof. How do you ensure you have same tightness when you DIY for LLC registration?