Visiting Denver/Boulder from out of state

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Hi everyone, I am an investor from California and I am slowly growing my portfolio of income properties.  I am visiting Denver/Boulder from LA and would like to meet with agents or other investors who are familiar with the market, primarily in the Boulder area.  

I actually lived in Denver for 16 years and graduated from CU Boulder in 2002 so I am familiar with the area, but that was a while ago as the real estate market has now been going through its boom period.  Still I am very interested.  Please let me know, would love to meet, chat, and exchange experiences.


@Anson Young and @Dan Mackin host some great meetups in Denver and up North. Myself and @Bryan O. just began hosting one on the South side of town. There are others, and I don't believe they overlap. You should be able to find one if you are in town for anything longer than a few days. When will you be visiting? If you're here now, PM me, I'll tell you about a great one coming up on Saturday. 

@Marvin Lee I echo @Garry C.'s response. There are some awesome events this week you should check out. Look at the events page. I'm sure you know by now the Boulder market exploded and the price is high. Cap Rates in Denver are around 5 to 6 Boulder may be even lower if you can find something. Louisville and Broomfeild tend to have some better deals. Hopefully we'll see you at one of the events. 

@Marvin Lee  Are you moving or just looking to invest long distance?

What part of L.A. are you in? I'm back and forth between Denver and Hawthorne (close to LAX). I'm always for grabbing a coffee and talking real estate.

Hey Marvin, 

Did you end up building out an arm of your investment portfolio in Denver area? I lived in Korea town in LA while going to college downtown, that was somewhere around 2002. If you are open to long distance, you'll likely find better returns in the midwest of some south Eastern states. Happy to connect you if you are still looking to invest.