Colorado Springs Property Managers

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For our multi units in Colorado Springs, we have been happy with:

Jennifer Williams

Portfolio Manager

100 Fillmore Street, 5th Floor, Denver, CO 80206

PM for phone number. Feel free to mention my name. 

If you are looking for a great investor friendly/investor saavy Realtor to help you look for multis feel free to PM me as well ;)

Hello @Patrick Soukup ! As an investor herself, she has a great market knowledge and insight into area. It helps that she only charges a flat $80/month per unit. She is pro-active in getting issues handled (recently handled an eviction for a tenant I inherited when I bought a property). Honestly communication could be a little quicker - but overall satisfied with her and her company.

That's perfect. Always nice to have someone who has investment properties under their belts to understand the owner's perspective. Communication is key, but we all lack some times. Thanks for your response. It is nice to see referrals on good PMs.