US Navy Veteran in Spokane, Washington

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Hey all! I came here, after doing a search for "step by step guide to real estate investing," and "The Ultimate Beginner's Guide" came up. So, I joined, downloaded. and here I am.

As my title says, I'm a US Navy Veteran. I served for Enduring Freedom, did a brief tour in The Persian Gulf, spending most of my time in Sasebo, Japan. Name's Eddie [no "Ed, Edward, Edwardo," Eddie].

I've actually been following the concepts of real estate investing since 2005, on and off.

When I got out, I used by GI Bill for a digital design program at a tech school in Tampa, Florida. I also did an admin program, and web design, via the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online...let's just say that I'm firmly against "for profit schools," both my experience, and others I talked to...and that's all I'll say on this, since this isn't the place for that.

What I was working on, was part of a team, that would put together a tv series on the local CW, focusing on local bands, businesses, artists, etc. Lots of work, and lots of fun. We were confident this would rule...than, the economy took it's flush in 2008. Suddenly, all our sponsors pulled out. "We want to see how the economy will do." They didn't say it, but "...we don't want to put our money [small biz] into an 'unproven venue.'" Many in the group went off, to do their own things, or rather, tried to. Maybe one or two has some moderate success, but only just.

Ok...For some really infuriating reason, using a chrome based browser, if something's highlited, instead of ctrl+z, it cuts the last paragraph I typed! There's no "redo" option! I've never had that on a forum, before, and I don't think I approve. I hope this is fixed, as I don't like having 2 paragraphs, such as telling about my auto accident, suddenly lost. The navigation is also a little unorthodoxed, but I've used it, before...usually, I don't have to worry about copy-pasting from say notepad, until I'm ready to submit...

Currently, through sort of "oh, you've studied real estate investing...YOU can help, right? Right?" A friend of mine, moved across the state of Washington, for a better job. Thought a real estate agent would be able to sell it [they said 3 mo]. Amongst other things, the agent set the sign so that the only way you could read it is sitting right in front of it...almost impossible, on a busy road. Also, when they winterized it, instead of giving the people a key, they went around back, and broke the door knob off! His dad and I had went down, and saw that.

What we're trying to do, through a local church, is turn it into a recovery/transitional home. The biggest obstacle is that it has two mortgages at $105,038, and the average sale of houses range from $102 - $120k. He's behind on payments since last August. The pastor's wife suggested he write a letter to the banks, to see if they'll take a tax write off, to donate it to the church, for the purpose of helping out the community; unlikely, but miracles happen.

Looking at possible PML for it, but IDK if I can find someone interested, who wants to invest, without a lot of personal finance review...which I don't really have anything [my "can't undo" mentioned a big auto accident], and the church doesn't, either. I'm not sure if HML would even want to consider it. What may be done is sell it to "we buy homes for $," and that I wholesale to them, to pay off the mortgage, and get a little for him [for a down payment], and for me to proprely set up my biz entity and such...

Feel free to say hi, offer any thoughts, or share "war stories," esp if you're a fellow Vet, or love to travel!

Welcome Eddie! Three of my business partners in a busn in Oceanside are vet's and it's quite amazing to be part of the vet community (indirectly of course). I do a few multi-family deals over in Spokane every now and then and went to Gonzaga. I enjoy that area! I also love to travel, I've been through 26 countries and have hit all continents except Antartica (will have to do this someday also). Welcome to BP!

Thanks, @ZackSchwarzmiller

I'm looking to add Africa [thinking Egypt], South America, and Antarctica to my list of travels! Some years ago, I saw a documentary, and there's charter boats in Chile, that take tourists to Antarctica, which I think would rock...get to do 2 continents in one trip! =]

I visited the Gonzaga campus, as I know a couple people in that area, but at this point in life, I'm all "schooled out," at least, so far as on campuses go [physical or online]. Looking to learn lots, on BP.

As I mentioned, I'm working to help a friend with his housing situation, and looking to turn it into a transitional home for my church. If you have any suggestions, or know of someone who can "show me the way of the Schwartz," that would be great! ;]

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@Eddie Starr ,

To make the @ work, do the following:

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@Raymond B.

I'm not sure what you're saying. I've tried to use Quick Reply, and Reply Here. I put @ and tried typing the name. I tried @? and the name, and nothing. Like if I type a name via facebook, a drop down appears, and I can select from that list, but I'm getting nothing here.

So far, the only way I can get a successful @name is if someone else has, and I copy-paste theirs. I have no problem using other forums, or FB. It's just like if I accidentally highlight something and type over it, instead of being able to undo it, it undoes the previous lines of typing. Something weird about this forum, that causes my netbook to not like it; sort of like the pop-up for G-mail, and I have to go into full screen, to close it out. It doesn't resize for smaller screens.


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