New guy from Raleigh / Durham NC area.

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Hi y'all, my name is Dante Nava. I'm pretty new to the real estate investing arena. I've seen my parents make money off of real estate but they've never "gotten serious" about it, I have also owned a house and had it foreclosed on several years back.

I have been learning a TON on here, participating in the forums a bit, and working my way through the podcasts. I'm also in the process of reading Danny Johnson's book (which is awesome for getting you used to looking at deal after deal and what you should be looking for). That being said, the route I've chose for my business is to do Wholesaling so that I can learn to find deals, then in a year or so move into flipping houses so that then a year or so after that I can start working on more of a buy and hold strategy.

So for now, I'm looking to network and learn as much as I can. On that note if you are a buyer in the area and have a minute or two, please let me know what you're looking for so that I can start knowing where to direct deals as I find them.

I am taking a short break to put this introduction together while I'm working on my buying website. Hope you're all having fun!


@Dante Nava Welcome to this wonderful site. I am a newbie on here and have learned so much in the short time I have been on here. What is the name of that book by Danny Johnson I would love to check it out. I am so excited to get started being a wholesaler and eventually a fix and flipper. Good luck to you...

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Welcome @Dante Nava to BP. If you have not done so please read through the learn section above, it is loaded with great information. You can also set key word alerts for items or areas of interest, like "North Carolina"

@Dante Nava Welcome to BP. I see a ton of people from your area in NC. It shouldn't be hard to find buyers/sellers in your area.

I would consider revising your strategy slightly: I would start with the wholesaling but then move to buy-and-hold, rather than flips. I'm a contractor and flips can be tricky unless you have your processes, contractors and models/projections down pat.

By moving from wholesaling to buy-and-hold, or better yet, fix-and-holds, you would get a sense of the cost to fix properties, you would start building your flip team all while your residents/tenants are paying for your mortgage and part of your education.

That's the path that I've taken with my business. The first two properties I purchased are fix-and-holds. It's significantly helped me determine how long improvements should take (ie: does it really take 16 hours to change a toilet?) as well as learning what the local markets will bear for improvements.

I started my first flip this week. My contractor is a friend of mine, but he is relatively new to managing jobs (he used to work for my company as a laborer). We chatted about the flip last night, and he told me that he thinks he can 'gut a room in one day and put it all back together (electrical, drywall, trim) in one day (!).

I've personally gutted entire rooms and put them back together. Even with a helper, I know there is no possible way to flip an entire room in 16 hours. Without my personal experience, I might be inclined to believe him.

Hey Dante. Welcome! My friends and I are looking for decent flip project, we will consider any level work except serious foundation problems. Also, if you come across any mobile home deals let me know. Shoot me a pm if you want to talk marketing because I really ramping it up.

Jacob what are you looking for?

Welcome to BP @Dante Nava ! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. A good way to begin is to read the Bigger Pockets Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing as Josh and Brandon did a great job with it. We'd love to see you be an active member of the BP community so be sure to set up Keywords Alerts for your local area such as "Cary" or "Raleigh" if you're looking to find potential opportunities for investing or other members in your area. You can also use the Find Members area to do the same. The Podcasts come out weekly and are great way to learn on the move.

If you appreciate a post that a fellow member put up responding to you be sure to say "Thank You!" by casting a vote for it. Simply click the box in the upper right corner of the post.And lastly I highly recommend becoming a Plus or Pro member of the site and take advantage of all that BP has to offer you. It will be one of the best investments you'll make when it comes your real estate investing.

Again welcome to Bigger Pockets!

Hi Dante , and welcome to BP! I'm a "fix and hold" investor from the Bay Area in CA, and loving it! But you'll find a variety of every type of investor on the site, and everyone is amazingly helpful. Some pointers for you: The "Learn" link across the top navigation bar has lots of great info, and so do BP members! You can click on the "vote" button if you like someone's post or is helpful, and there are "awards" to earn on your profile. And you can tag people by typing @ before you type their name, then clicking their name at the bottom of the message box. Welcome to the site, and good luck in everything!

Wow! That's a lot of responses and even some colleague requests! Thanks everyone!

Here goes on the replys:

@Laura Moore : @Danny Johnson's book is called Flippin Houses Exposed. It's free on the Kindle website and very cool. Good luck to us both as we kick things off.

@Ned Carey Thanks for the well wishes! I know the luck will come in the form of hard work.

@Jerry W. Thanks! I've got it set up now as a key word.

@Liam Goble Thanks! That is a great idea, and I'm still figuring out what the next two years are going to look like, I just know where I want to be in the next 5 years. Also you're right, one day for 1 room is a VERY short period of time, especially to put it all back together. I used to do a lot of work on the houses that my parents rented out, and have been around construction most of my younger to teenage years. So Fix-and-Hold is definitely a possibility I'm considering.

@Darren Sager Thanks Darren! I've been working my way through the beginners guide when I have time and am definitely planning on upgrading sometime next month.

@Bryan L. I'm in the process of moving, so I'm getting a better feel for how different websites display information (zillow, trulia, redfin, craigslist, Wake and Durham county Tax office) and how they work. The better lead generation comes from: we've made it a habit of driving around looking at neighborhoods and getting to know them (particularly in Cary and Morrisville), so now we just need to start writing down addresses so that we can start doing some driving for dollars/direct mail marketing campaigns going. I was looking at Zillow's Pre-Foreclosure feature, but have my doubts as to how up to date and accurate it is, at which point I'll be doing some door knocking as well. I also mentioned above that I'm working on my website, which I'm not horrible at doing, and will be using that as well. Once I upgrade my account I'll add it to my profile.

@David Lee Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to posting about my success! I'll be posting a link to my website once it's ready or I upgrade my account (whichever comes first).

@Dante Nava - Driving for dollars can be excellent. But it can also be habit forming. I had to make a two hour drive today - nothing at all related to real estate. But I noticed a few houses as I was driving. Wasn't even intending to be "driving for dollars". Noticed one with a white piece of paper on the front door (possibly and REO), and another nice looking brick house with the yard grown up to waist high.

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Hey, @Dante Nava , I'm a local here in Durham.

I'm pretty new to real estate investing too. I have the townhouse I used to live in that's now a rental, and my wife and I just closed on a single-family about 3 weeks ago that we'll be renting out.

We want to get more rentals, but we probably won't be making any moves until later this year as baby #1 is on her way.

I'd still like to network to let you know what we're looking at currently. Welcome to BP.

@Henry M. Thanks for the welcome!

@Ricky A. Congratulations! Kids will change your life (for the better mostly) ;-) I'm sure the market will be waiting when you're ready to get back into it. Thanks for the welcome as well.

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