Newbie from South Texas!

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Hi Everybody!, 

I'm Norberto Molina, Jr., everybody calls me Norbert... I'm from Alton, TX...I have no previous experience in real estate, but have been wanting to invest in real estate for a while now... I knew the potential of financial freedom there is in real estate and decided to take the plunge... I'm interested in wholesaling, flipping, and eventually buy and hold for residual income... The main reason I want to invest in real estate is my children, you see, I currently work as a QA/QC Inspector in the refineries in and around Houston,TX...prior to that, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Colorado.... I've missed so much of my babies growing up to the point where I can't stand it anymore. So, this year I promised my kids (14,13, and 8 yrs old) that I was making a commitment to them and myself to learn the business, exceed and succeed in real estate...and be home with them... and I am... That's my story.

I took the plunge and upgraded to Pro a few days ago, it was a no brainer for me if I was to get serious about real estate investment. The wealth of information on BP is awesome! The BP community blew me away the way everyone comes together to answer questions, give advice, solutions....everything!!! I'm very proud to be a part of BP and its community. I'm looking forward to networking, experience your experience, friendship, guidance, and knowledge, and of course,...working together...

Have an awesome day!


Welcome to BP, @Norberto Molina . If you've come to learn then there is definitely enough here to keep you busy. Since you upgrade to the BP Pro account, take advantage of some of the calculators you have access to. Run a bunch of houses through there to see how they work and also get a feel of what sort of numbers you need for it to be a deal. And what sort of numbers your buyers will need when you try to wholesale it.

Thank you, @Michael Reams! Nice to meet you, Sir. I'll be traveling to Borger, TX for work here in a couple of weeks, of course nothing to do there so I go to Amarillo just about every other day or weekends. Maybe we can meet and talk! 

Welcome Norberto, 

I am brand new to the site as well.. Sounds to me like you will eventually be able to bless you children beyond your wildest imagination. Keep taking plunges and fighting and everything will work out great for you! Nice meeting you. 

Thank you, @Justin Dutchover ! Nice to meet you as well, those are my plans exactly! I've been away too long, the good byes are getting harder and harder... keeping my head up and moving forward for a better life with my kids... Thanks again, Justin and I wish you continued success in REI!

Hi Norberto,

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. I discovered BP a while ago but didn't really get involved until recently. I'm sorry I waited so long to "plug in". BP is an awesome resource.

I am a cash flow investor. I have been a landlord since 1982 and I have also flipped a fair numbers of homes over the years.

A couple of years ago I discovered the "paper" side of the real estate investment world. I purchased my first Mortgage Note. I have been actively acquiring Notes since that time.

I like the the passive nature, the safety and the cash flow that I receive from Performing Mortgage Notes. I still own "brick & mortar" real estate but my end game is to be 100% in paper at some point.

Check out my profile & let's chat. I'd like to get to know you. I invest all over the country. Who knows, maybe we can do a deal together at some point.

GO BP!!!!

@Desi Arnaz

Thank you for the welcome, Desi! I've been reading up and watching videos on note investing and I understand the concept and like it very much. Seems to be the safest and securest way for cashflow...Definitely something I would like to do. I'd like to chat with you as well, and of course look forward to working with you. Thanks again, Desi...

Good day, talk to you soon.

Welcome to BP @Norberto Molina .  Be sure to read through the Learn section above.  I had been doing real estate for nearly 20 years when I found BP and I was amazed at all the things I learned just reading through the Learn section.  Be sure to set some key word alerts for areas or topics of interest like "mission Texas" or flipping.  Also be sure to interact on the forums and ask questions or give answers as your knowledge allows.  You can make some great thinkers on here who share a lot of great information.

Good Morning,

Thanks for the welcome, @Jerry W. ! Nice to meet you, Sir. There is just a wealth of information in the learn section... I'm just loving it and itching to put it to good use, Jerry! I know I'll have some questions coming, lol! Once again, nice to meet you and thanks for your reply... I'll set up my key word alerts as well. 

Hi Norbert! 

I'm from your neck of the woods down here in Mcallen. I got started in real estate about 5 years ago - mostly because I wanted to invest, but ended up getting my license and I work here with Star Properties. I only have one 4 plex up in Edinburg and have been saving up for my next down payment. I'd love to chat with you about the area and what's going on down here. Also, think your motivation for getting into RE is fabulous - a very big WHY! That'll help keep you going! Talk soon I hope, 
Kasey :-)

@Norberto Molina

Hi Kasey!

Thanks for the welcome! I would really love to chat and meet up, that would great! I'm actually thinking of getting my license as well. I had pondered it but had heard from the gurus that we really didn't need it. I've read otherwise on BP and it truly makes sense to have it.... and yes, my babies... my motivation, my life, my everything! Looking forward to speaking to you and possibly working with you, Kasey! Talk to you soon!

I really miss The Valley too! Lol!

@Kasey Villareal

@Norberto Molina Welcome to BP. I'm rather new too. I have decided to focus on note investing. There are so many options, it turns out, in real estate that it doesn't make sense to try to learn everything. 

I live in Mission and attend the local REIA group meetings every month. They are a great opportunity to network with other investors.

I paid for a 3 day class on note investing if you're ever interested in learning what I learned. I'm saving up money to buy my first note, unless I learn how to find investors first. That's another skill to learn. 

Best of luck to you. 

@Shaine Mata thank you, sir... Would gladly like to learn and thank you for wanting to share... I'm at work right now but would like to speak to you soon if you don't mind... Once again thank you for taking the time... Talk to you soon... Good day!

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