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My name is Cory McCarthy and I live in Fenton, MI.  I am just starting my journey and looking for some contacts in the Fenton, MI area that I can help out and learn from in the process.  I own one investment property in Lansing Michigan, but am really interested in the flip market long term.  Since I am new to this and already have a full time job, I am not entirely sure what I can offer in exchange for some education, but I am pretty handy, can do some free work for you or conduct some research for you, or possibly just share some knowledge as I have been in the home improvement retail market for a number of years and know a fair amount about electrical, plumbing and building products as I have been selling those for about 30 years.  I don't plan to become active in the market for probably a year or more as I know I have a lot to learn first, starting with who's who in the local area here.

I would also like to know if there are any meet and greets in the local area that I might be able to attend to start networking with some folks that share a similar interest.  If you think you can help in any way or need some help that I may be able to accomplish for you, please let me know.  Thanks in advance for looking and considering.


Cory McCarthy

Welcome to BiggerPockets @Cory Mccarthy

You have definitely come to the right place if you are looking to learn more about real estate!

Feel free to reach out to me with any and all questions you might have about BiggerPockets, investing, or using our platform!

hey Cory!

Well you have certainly made an intelligent choice to begin your real estate team.

I have a handful of SFRs in grand blanc, but in the process of selling to move into multi fam. 

Myself and another investor have decided to team up and have an LOI on a 26 unit.

Perhaps the most important thing about me is that I also live in Fenton. We could grab coffee sometime and chat. 

Take care


Hi Cory,

Your intro from your profile is similar to how I got started.  I bought a 3 unit building in Lansing when I was 21 and rehabbed it myself.  Sold it 4 years later for a very nice profit.  I then got distracted with my full time job and didn't do very much with real estate for the next 8 years.  

In the last 6 or so years, I've been trying to expand my portfolio of properties as quickly as possible and retire from my full time job.  I've definitely made some mistakes a long the way and also learned a lot, but always have more to learn.  

Let me know if I can be of any help!  

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.  BP looks like a great place to get started and I look forward to communicating further with each of you.

Scott, I will be sure to look you up from time to time and appreciate the offer to help.

Chad, I would definitely like to get together and would like to do so as soon as possible.  I will reach out to connect with you and hopefully we can arranged a time and place perhaps this weekend if you have time.

Gabe, I stumbled upon a post of yours somewhere else and already sent you a connect request before I even saw your response here.  As I already own one property over in Lansing, I have quite a few questions for you.  The Lansing area is one that I am very interested in due to the local University and Colleges.  I will be in touch further soon.

By the way, do any of you have any good contractor contacts that are used to working with folks interested in fix and flips?  That is one of my first desires followed quickly by good lenders and financial sources.  Let me know if you can share any tips on finding them as well.  Thanks again.

@Cory Mccarthy , welcome. There are a lot of active investors from our area here on BP. There are also a lot of REIA meetings in our area. I am heading out to one in Troy tonight. A web search or a search on meetup should reveal most of the meetings. Some do not require any fee (like the one tonight)--most of the meetings that have fees run ~$20.

Thanks Jeff, Troy is kind of a haul for me, so I would prefer to find one in the Flint or Brighton area, maybe Ann Arbor, but when I did a search as you suggested, I didn't see anything jump out at me in those areas.  do you know if those areas have any get togethers?  If not, I would like to take advantage of the Troy meetings just to get my feet wet and see what they are all about, so how would I find out the next meeting date and place?

Thanks Brian. BP seems to be just what I needed to start my journey. One thing I am really curious about is finding some REIA's a little closer to home than Troy. Ideally, I would love to find one in either Flint or the Brighton area, but would definitely go all the way down to Ann Arbor. Do you know about any events held in the area?

I read your profile and see you are working on the brokers license. how is that coming and when do you expect to complete the process?

Originally posted by @Cory Mccarthy :

Thanks Jeff, Troy is kind of a haul for me, so I would prefer to find one in the Flint or Brighton area, maybe Ann Arbor, but when I did a search as you suggested, I didn't see anything jump out at me in those areas.  do you know if those areas have any get togethers?  If not, I would like to take advantage of the Troy meetings just to get my feet wet and see what they are all about, so how would I find out the next meeting date and place?

 Look for Tom A. here on BP. He is a coordinator for one of the Troy groups. He posts the dates here on BP and on facebook. I often post the date on my facebook page also. There is an active group in Ann Arbor which you should be able to find. I can refer you to some active investors in Fenton and Genesee County. Let's do that privately.

Hi Cory,

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. I discovered BP a while ago but didn't really get involved

until recently. I'm sorry I waited so long to "plug in". BP is an awesome resource.

I am a cash flow investor. I have been a landlord since 1982 and I have also flipped a

fair numbers of homes over the years.

A couple of years ago I discovered the "paper" side of the real estate investment

world. I purchased my first Mortgage Note. I have been actively acquiring Notes for

passive cash flow since that time.

I like the the passive nature, the safety and the cash flow that I receive from

Performing Mortgage Notes. I still own "brick & mortar" real estate but my end game is

to be 100% in paper at some point.

I upgraded to BP Pro & upgraded my profile. Check it out.

Hi Cory,

Welcome to BP! I am new to BP as well and are looking to work with other investors. I currently own 11 SFH in the City of Flint, 10 are rental units and one I just recently sold 1 on my first landcontract. I noticed you mentioned you were looking for REIA'S locally. Genesee Landlord Association meets once a month in the Flint area. I am a newer member, since July, to GLA. If you'd like to come to a meeting please let me know. I can add you as a guest. Send me a personal message and I'd be happy to chat with you.

Welcome to BP Cory Mccarthy glad to see new people join this community from our area. I'm new to investing myself but am always happy and willing to see likeminded people join up and ready to learn. There is a wealth of knowledge here. Please avail your of the forums, podcasts, and download the Ultimate guide to Real Estate Investing that is offered here. I've wholesaled a couple sfr's a few years ago and am jus getting back into investing more seriously as of late. I am now in the process of getting my first mfr under contract to wholesale.

Anything you would like to know or anyway I could be of help feel free to contact me.

Best wishes!!

Thanks @Ashley Andrews and @Clarence Scott.  Sent you both connection requests and hope to learn more from you both regarding the Flint Market and surrounding areas.  It is so nice to have this BP resource to help us all make these connections.  Please keep me posted on on anything interesting that you learn or have going on in the market.

Thanks @Mark Nolan. After i secure a lot more financial education from BP here, I may reach out to you further to learn more about self directed IRA and 401K's. Perhaps I can use some of those strategies to secure some funding. Any advise you can share on no money or low money down investing would certainly be appreciated. Best of luck to you in your REI adventures.

@Cory Mccarthy , I was curious what you have been up to since this thread three years ago. I began my journey last year with my first buy and hold in Redford Mi. Recently I have expanding my sights to the Fenton area but would like more information about that market. What have you learned since beginning?

@Nicholas Middleton - Thanks for the mention. Own two houses now, one in Lansing and one in Linden. Have a full time 9 to 5, so have not taken the time to start a marketing campaign to find off market opportunities as such, all of my activity has been focused on MLS. Tough market to find appropriate opportunities on MLS. Have offered on several here and there, but with the numbers, have not landed many. Would love to meet and here what you are thinking for the market and whether or not you are planning to do a marketing campaign for off market stuff or will be focusing on MLS. let me know if you ever want to get together.

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